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Software Advice Reviews of ConsignPro

Visual Horizons has teamed up with two great companies to provide merchant processing to our customers. Both Open Edge and BluePay exceed industry standards for security (PA-DSS, PCI DSS), offer exceptional customer service, and have extremely competitive processing rates.

If you select either of these processors, credit cards will process from within ConsignPro - using your Internet connection. Sales will be more accurate and end-of-day reconcilliation will be a breeze.

We encourage you to click the links below to find our more about either or both companies. You will be able to request a free rate quote from either by providing your information thru each contact form.

BluePay icon

OpenEdge icon

Learn More / Request Info
Or call: (888) 839-3419

Learn More / Request Info
Or call: (888) 810-5716

Frequently asked Questions

Q:  Which company should I process with?
A:  We've done our homework to bring you two of the best processing companies in the country. Both offer fantastic customer service and pair that with great rates. In short, you can't go wrong with either.

Q:  Do I need the Internet to use this service?
A:  Yes, a high-speed Internet connection is required to use this feature.

Q:  How much are the merchant processing rates?
A:  Please contact either company directly to discuss their rates and fees.  Phone numbers are shown above Their rates and fees are competitive with all other merchant processing companies and they offer great service too.

Q:  How long does it take for the money to reach my account?
A:  Credit card money will generally appear in your account the next business day.

Q:  Can I process credit cards in ConsignPro with my current merchant processing company?
A:  Unfortunately not.  ConsignPro was programmed to talk only to the two companies we've listed.  If you want to process credit cards directly from ConsignPro you must use either Open Edge or BluePay.

Q:  Is it required that I process credit cards from ConsignPro?
A:  You can process credit cards using any merchant processing company that you are comfortable with – using their equipment, not connected to your computer or ConsignPro.   However, our rates are equipment are competitively priced and many store owners like the integration we've built into the software as it makes reconciliation easier and charges more accurate.

Q:  Is the service available for Canadian customers?
A:  Yes, Open Edge can provide merchant processing service to our Canadian customers.

Q:  Do you support EMV (chip and pin) processing?
A:  Yes, both companies support EMV and sell or rent the necessary EMV card readers.

Q:  Do you support NFC including Apple Pay and Android Pay?
A:  Yes, the EMV terminals from both companies support these methods.

Q:  How long does the application approval process take?
A:  Normally processing time is around 1-2 business days.

Q:  I'm running two computers, can I process credit cards from both?
A:  Yes, as long as both computers can access the Internet.  Either provider can help you configure this with ease.

Q:  What credit cards can I process?
A:  Both providers support all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

Q:  Where do I get my terminal / equipment from?
A:  Both providers sell or lease the most current terminals to our customers at great prices. If you process enough credit card volume, you may qualify for free equipment.

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