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Please review the topics below for some of the most commonly asked technical questions concerning ConsignPro.

General Information

What kind of computers can I run ConsignPro on?

ConsignPro will run on any PC made in the last five years running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.  We do not run on Macintosh computers.  Our RAM and hard drive requirements are too low to mention.  Either a Desktop or a Laptop computer will work equally well with ConsignPro and our related POS hardware.  The computer should also have several USB ports to connect our POS hardware to.

Can I run multiple computers in my store?

Yes.  You can setup as many computers on a network as you need.  Our most common setup is two computers, one for intake, one for checkout.  Each additional computer that you setup requires a network license of ConsignPro – currently priced at $295 each (one-time cost).  More information can be found on our networking support page.

What training materials do you offer?

We offer a free 140 page printed User Guide that outlines every feature in ConsignPro.  We also offer one year of free technical support.  We also have training videos available on YouTube.

Do I need the Internet in my store?

The Internet is only required if you use XCharge or BluePay credit card system and/or any of our optional online features.   However, our Support Team may be able to provide better support to you if you have the Internet for things like:  installing program updates, installing updated printer drivers, and gaining remote access to your system.  As a business practice, the Internet may help in you in other ways too.  In summary, it’s a good idea to have high-speed Internet access in your store.

How to I move ConsignPro to a new computer?

Visit our new computer setup web page for help installing ConsignPro onto a new computer in your shop.  If the computer is replacing an existing one, there is no charge for this transfer.

How do I setup the e-mail screen in ConsignPro?

The ConsignPro system can send e-mail to your customers, consignors, or both.  On our Postman screen, you will need to fill the outgoing server name and port number for the e-mail account associated with your Internet service.  As these are specific to your ISP, you need to contact your ISP for these settings.  You may also be able to find them if you Google “outgoing smtp port number {Comcast, AOL, ATT, etc}”.

How can I make sure I’m on the latest version of ConsignPro?

First, your current version of ConsignPro can be found on the upper left corner of your software, “ex.  ConsignPro, Registered, Version x.xx”.  You can compare that version to the latest version available on our Version Update page.  That page gives the instructions for installing our latest update.

Do I need any other software on my computer to use ConsignPro?

No.  ConsignPro has all of the software that is necessary to run on your computer.  No other outside software is necessary.  Some store owners choose to also run QuickBooks to manage their accounting.  More information on our Accounting FAQ page.

If I close my store, can I sell ConsignPro?

Unfortunately not.  The ConsignPro license cannot be sold, given, or donated to any other party if you close your store.  If you are selling your store, including the name, physical location, and current phone number, the new owner may be able to assume your license thru our transfer process.  In these cases, we check and double-check all of the information provided to ensure that our guidelines for a valid transfer are met.

Software Q&A

How do I install ConsignPro onto a new or fixed computer?

ConsignPro can be downloaded directly from our demo page and installed on your computer by following the on-screen prompts.  Once the demo is installed, locate and e-mail us your registration number.  Assuming you have already purchased the software, an unlock code will be e-mailed back to you.  More information can be found on our new computer setup page.

What is my initial logon name and password and how do I change it?

Our demo has a login name of “New” and a password of “consign”.  You can change this information on our Employee screen or bypass the login screen with a setting under Maintain Store, CustomizeCP, Store Settings (Show login screen at startup).

My software has reverted to DEMO mode, what can I do?

Occasionally, Windows will recover from an error and remove one our settings files.  In such rare instances, you will need to re-register your copy by sending us your new registration number.  We will send you back the unlock codes.  No other data will be lost when this occurs.

I receive a “File not found” message when I try to start ConsignPro.

If this occurs, please download and run our newini.exe file (on the problem computer) from our Support Page and the e-mail us your new registration number for an unlock code.  Click UnZip on the self-extractor screen to correctly install the missing file.

My ConsignPro Main Menu appears small, can I enlarge it?

Yes.  Go into your Windows Control Panel.  Open up the Display icon and click on Settings.  Change the display “Resolution” to a lower setting.  The ideal setting is 800x600 – although you probably won’t be able to find a setting that low.  Or, in Windows 7, you can often change the screen sizing from “Smaller” to “Medium” or “Large” by selecting that option.

Buttons are missing from my Main Menu, how do I get them back?

The Employees and Maintain Store buttons only appear when the store owner logs in.  If you are the owner and still don’t see those buttons, please e-mail us for instructions on regaining access to that part of your system.

How can I change the color of ConsignPro?

ConsignPro has 5 color choices, each is selected to the right of the “Exit” button on the Main Menu by clicking on the colored squares.

Hardware Q&A

What hardware do you support with ConsignPro?

Please visit our hardware compatibility page for information on specific makes and models of hardware that work with ConsignPro.  We work with most computers and full-page printers but only a handful of specialty point-of-sale printers, scanners, and cash drawers.

How do I connect my POS hardware to ConsignPro?

Please visit our POS Connections page for detailed instructions on connecting your point-of-sale hardware to your computer and ConsignPro.

How does your hardware connect to my computer or laptop?

All of the hardware that we sell comes with all of the necessary cables to connect it to your computer.  All pieces connect via USB connections.  If your computer does not have enough free USB ports, you can purchase a USB “hub” that will expand the number of ports you can use.

Do I need a local tech to connect this equipment?

That depends on your level of computer skill and patience.  Many store owners are able to connect and configure our POS hardware without too much trouble – assuming they bought the right makes and models from us.  Some store owners choose to hire a local computer tech (Geek Squad) to come and spend an hour or two connecting and configuring it for them.  Instructions for connecting the equipment can be found toward the back of the ConsignPro User Guide or on our connections page.

Can I buy point-of-sale hardware from someone else?

All of the hardware that we sell is brand new, warranted, and guaranteed to work with ConsignPro.  We have competitive pricing and we can assist with the setup.  However, if you wish, you can purchase your receipt printers, drawers, scanners, etc from any vendor you choose.  If you don’t buy our exact makes and model, those pieces may not work with ConsignPro.  Be sure to check our compatibility page before making any purchase.

My receipts stopped printing and the drawer won’t open!

On our Amount Due screen, be sure the “Print sales receipt” box is checked before you complete the sale.  The drawer should only pop open automatically on “Cash” sales.

The red light on my receipt printer won’t stop blinking.

The roll of receipt paper in the printer is low and needs to be replaced soon.  The blinking light is normal when this occurs.

My receipts print but nothing is on the paper.

Be sure the rolls of paper your purchased for the receipt printer say “Thermal” on the package.  The thermal receipt printer we sell requires thermal rolls.

How long is the warranty on your equipment?

All of the pieces that we sell come with the manufacturer's one-year parts and labor warranty. We have an optional Extended Warranty for 3 years available during checkout from our Order Page.

Tag & Labels

How do I configure the Zebra thermal tag printer?

Visit our POS Connections page for setup instructions for your Zebra tag printer.

What tags and labels can I print with ConsignPro?

ConsignPro prints on many different sizes and shapes of tags or labels.  Please visit our Tag & Label Styles page for more information on the options available with ConsignPro.

Can you customize a tag design for my shop?

Yes.  For $50 we can take any existing tag design and change the layout, fonts, and/or sizes of the information that appears on any of our existing tag designs.  Please e-mail us if you would like to begin a new customization.

Can I customize the tags or labels myself?

We make our tag editing software (Crystal Reports) available to all of our customers on our Support Page under Utility Downloads.  When installed, this software allows you to open up any of our existing tag or label designs and make changes to them yourself.  It should be noted that our editing software is not the most user-friendly program and we suspect that only 20% of our more technically inclined customers will find it helpful.

Networking Q&A

How do I network ConsignPro?

Please visit our Networking Support page for detailed information on setting up a network in your store.  Each additional computer requires a network license, currently priced at $295 each.

How does networking work with ConsignPro?

In general, one of the computers in your shop is designated as the “Server” computer and that’s the copy that holds the ConsignPro database file.  All other computers have ConsignPro installed but “point” each copy over to the database file on the Server using a Windows mapped-drive-letter.  More information on this setup is on our networking support page.

How many computers can I network?

You can network as many computers as you would like.  Our most common setup is 2-3 computers but we have some customers with over 10 computers setup in a local area network in their store.

Can I network multiple stores?

At this time, it is not possible to connect stores using ConsignPro together. We are working on a solution that will allow you to share data across store, but we don't have an ETA at this time.

Do you help with the networking setup?

We find it easier for the shop owner if they work with a local computer supply or repair business for the networking setup in their shops.  Once the network is in place, most store owners can follow the instructions on our networking support page to complete the setup.

Do you support wireless networks?

No.  Wireless networks are great for surfing the Internet from your sofa.  However, they are simply not reliable enough in a business setting and therefore we require ConsignPro to run on a wired network.  We cannot support ConsignPro unless your network is wired.

Do I need one printer for each computer or can they share?

Tag printers can be shared across the network.  Scan guns, receipt printers, cash drawers, and credit card readers cannot be shared.  You should have one connected directly to any computer you intend to use for point-of-sale.

After I’m networked, are there any restrictions on what I can do?

No.  If you have multiple computers running at the same time, you can do anything you’d like, at any time, on any of the computers.  Examples includes making sales on two computers simultaneously or adding inventory at the same time.  The systems share a single database file so updates are immediate and our software was designed so that you won’t have duplicate consignor, item, or invoice numbers – even if two people are doing the same thing at the same time.

Do I pay more for Support if I’m networked?

Yes, slightly more.  Our Support Plan is priced based on the number of computers you run in your store.  Complete tech support pricing can be found our Support Page.

Database Backup/Restore

How do I send you my ConsignPro database file?

To send us your ConsignPro database file, follow the simple instructions below.  This service is free and does not require you to register or log in.

1.  Visit
2.  Click the “Add File” button.
3.  Select your “C” drive.  Then “Program Files”.  Then “ConsignPro”.
4.  Locate and click the "consign" or "consign.mdb" file.  Click Open.
5.  Enter “” in the “Recipient Email” box and YOUR email address as a recipient too.
6.  At the bottom, click the “Send It” button.
7.  When you receive the email note from TransferBigFiles, forward that note to us.  This will ensure we receive the file in a timely manner.
8.  When complete, please send us a separate e-mail note telling us that you sent it and why you sent it to us.

For complete information on backup and restore options for your ConsignPro database file, please visit our Backup & Restore page.

Credit Card Processing

For complete information on either of our integrated credit card processors, please visit our Credit Card Processing page.

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