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Software Advice Reviews of ConsignPro

We realize comparing software (and software companies) can be a daunting task.  We've been in this business for over 20 years and have learned a lot about our competition.  We'd like to share this info with you here.

We recommend taking a look at all your software options and feel very confident that, once you've done you're homework, you'll join the 6000+ customers who have chosen ConsignPro as their resale store solution!

Visual Horizons Software - "ConsignPro" software

Owner: Brian Wilson
On market since: 1996
Based in: Florida

People ask me everyday, "Why is your software better than the others?". The answer I give comes directly from our customers. More customers choose ConsignPro for 4 simple reasons.

  1. Our screens make ConsignPro simple to use and teach to others. The software design is "intuitive" and most customers never look at our 130 page User Guide before using our program. View our screens online.
  2. Our support receives rave reviews from our customers. Support is provided by the developers of the software so answers are always fast and accurate. See what our customers say.
  3. Our features provide a complete solution for your store. We've been listening to our customers since Day 1 and have included literally hundreds of their suggestions into our software. We update our software almost every month with new suggestions to make it even better.
  4. Our experience in this industry insures that you will only automate your shop ONCE.  Doing it right the first time may cost few dollars more, but it is far less expensive than doing the same thing twice!

To be fair, our competitors criticize us in the following areas:

  1. Myth: Our company has one employee. Fact: We have four great employees, Brian, Sara, Alyson, & Kristen. With software that simply works, we simply don't need a big team of support people.
  2. Myth: Our software is in Microsoft Access. Fact: While many excellent programs are designed in MS Access, our software is written in Microsoft Visual Basic - making it compatible with ALL versions of Windows (now and in the future).
  3. Myth: You can't open many windows at the same time. Fact: You won't need to. All our screens are designed to return you to our innovative Main Menu! Most store owners see this as a PRO, not a CON. In fact, the only person who's ever had a problem with our design is a competitor's salesperson!
  4. Myth:  You can't post to social media or sell on eBay with ConsignPro.  Fact: There are better tools to pair with ConsignPro to accomplish both Selling and Social.  To sell online, consider using SellSimple.  To share your item on Social Media, consider using Boutique Window.  A good toolbox should have many great tools in it.  Rather than pretending to be everything to everyone, we'd rather share industry leading tools with our customers.
  5. Truth: ConsignPro can't run in the cloud. Fact: Despite all the hype about cloud-based software these days, that technology is simply not right for retail. The many drawbacks of the cloud-computing model don't fit the needs of retail. In fact, no major retailer uses a cloud-based system. See our 'The Cloud' tab and learn why.

ResaleWorld - "Liberty 4 Consignment" software

(visit website)

President: Ed DiRuzza
On market since: 2002
Based in: Florida


  • ResaleWorld has been in this business the longest, since 1991.
  • They have NINE techs that provide support for their software (we only need 3).
  • Program is feature-rich and includes direct posting to eBay (we think SellSimple does it better).
  • They offer item posting to FaceBook (we think Boutique Window does it better).
  • They are an affiliate member of industry group NARTS. (we are too).


  • No money-back guarantee - once you purchase the software you are stuck with it.  They also have a 15% restocking fee on all their hardware.
  • Thinking about "Liberty Cloud"?  Ask yourself a single question. What happens to your business if your Internet goes down?  Answer, Your business goes down.  How much will Liberty Cloud cost me?
  • eBay selling can be better accomplished thru the eBay app found in every Smart Phone app store.
  • Be sure you understand their overly complicated Support Pricing before signing up. They seem to have different pricing based on the software version you purchase, whether you buy tags from them (red flag), add-on pricing for things even if you're on the Plan (they call it a-la-carte), and basic training. They also charge for "upgrades" but not "updates". So, even if you're on their Plan and simply want to move to a new computer and setup your printer, be ready to be hit with additional charges. By contrast, we charge $200/year and everything is included - period. Their Pricing. Our Pricing.
  • Since 2002, we've converted over 36 former Liberty customers to ConsignPro due, primarily, to customer service issues. Essentially, these customers would have rather re-invested in new software ($$$) than continue doing business with ResaleWorld - quite a statement. Click this link to contact any of these customers about their experience with both ResaleWorld and with ConsignPro!
  • They charge extra for printer installation and setup, "how to" questions, walkthroughs or anything deemed a "training" call, networking support, setup, configuration or troubleshooting and firewall troubleshooting.
  • Training sessions range from $99 to $295 - our initial remote training is FREE.
  • Online consignor access is $19.95 / month.  Ours is $14.00 / month (
  • Their minimum system requirements are the highest in the industry and they are not compatible with all Windows operating systems.
  • Their QuickBooks Accounting Link is an extra $199 - ours is built-in at no additional charge.
  • Their Physical Inventory Reconciliation feature is an extra $199 - ours is built-in at no additional charge.
  • Their Appointment Scheduler is an extra $14.95/month - ours is built-in at no additional charge.
  • The tags they sell are about 25% more expensive than ours - we send you directly to the wholesaler for tags and labels.
  • Their reCommerce plan for selling online is $74.95 per month for 500 items.  Our Online Store plan for 500 items is only $44 per month, saving you $360 per year.
  • Their Support Plan pricing is $372/year for a simple 2 computer setup.  Our pricing is $250/year for the same - a savings of 48% per year.
  • ...and Support Pricing gets worse, "All prices are STARTING PRICES. The nature/complexity of the issue could generate additional charges."

CCE - "Consignment Success" software

(visit website)

Owner: Was Bill Hawkins, retired.
On market since: Unknown
Based in: California


  • CCE offers two products, a full-featured version and a scaled down version called "Best Consignment Software" - offered at a lower price.
  • Support costs are reasonable - but Support is now handled through a 3rd party company (see Cons).
  • They are an affiliate member of industry group NARTS.


  • The software was "developer supported", the developer has since retired (Bill Hawkins).
  • Support is handled through "The Computer Peeps", while they provide great Support, they don't control the source code programming and can't correct programming issues with the software.
  • Their "user interface" (the way the screens are designed) is confusing to some customers (as reported by those who have purchased ConsignPro after trying the Consignment Success demo).
  • They have 7 optional "modules" at about $60 each. By the time you add these, the cost of "Consignment Success" is over $1,100.
  • There is an on-going dispute between CCE and another company over the theft of this program and re-selling of it.

Net Money Business - "Best Consignment Shop Software" (BCSS)

They say "One bad apple spoils the whole bunch", below is the story of that apple.

You may have come across one of our unscrupulous competitors while searching the web for consignment shop software. This competitor (Steve Henning at BCSS) has maligned our company and totally distorted our pricing on his website, so we're inclined to answer him here.  While we'd rather focus on the positives of selling resale shop software, we also try to protect consumers from costly mistakes.

First off, the Nashville Better Business Bureau currently rates Net Money Business (the company that offers BCSS software) with a grade of "F".  See full report.

Next, read industry blog posts from dozens of BCSS customers who feel "ripped off"

Read about Valerie's experience with BCSS

Read about Kathy's experience with BCSS

Read about Dawn's experience with BCSS

Read about Gail's experience with BCSS

Talk to actual customers who made this mistake

Some interesting things you'll notice about the BCSS website*:

  • His company, "Net Money Business" isn't even on his BCSS website. Why not?
  • They are on their 3rd phone number in five years, previous phone numbers were (901) 474-2442 and (877) 669-0854. Those numbers are now disconnected. Their e-mail address seems to change about as often.
  • They are not a member of trusted industry watchdog group NARTS.  Why not?
  • They get a failing grade from the Better Business Bureau of Tennessee.
  • They offer FREE support for one simple reason, they have no in-house support team! Instead, you can send them an email - which is fine unless you have a store full of customers and your POS system is down!
  • Some phone support seems to be available from a woman named "Joy" who runs a resale shop in NY. Joy can help you for $25 per 30 minutes. We should warn you however, Joy doesn't work on Mondays and Tuesday is her "golf day". You can't make this stuff up.
  • This "software vendor" can also sell you condoms, hemorrhoid medicine, help you find unclaimed money, long distance service, or help you with your next catered event !! (they sure are busy at Net Money Business).
  • They offer a discount when paying by cashiers check, money order, or wire transfer. Why? (remember, you have no recourse if you want your money back with any of these).
  • They discourage the use of credit cards to buy the software (see his Terms and Conditions). (remember, if you pay by credit card, you have recourse if you want your money back).
  • They have no refund policy after the software is unlocked. Unheard of.
  • Where is this company located?? We couldn't figure it out (see final paragraph).
  • Their current e-mail address is [email protected]. How legitimate does that sound?
  • "All software sales are final." (right from his Terms page) Unheard of.
  • "Payment for hardware is non-refundable." (right from his Terms page)
  • References? He makes none available (see his Terms and Conditions). Are consignment shop owners really too busy to answer the telephone?!
  • In the BCSS software license agreement, Steve indicates that you aren't allowed to say anything disparaging about BCSS for two years after leaving. Why would any license agreement include that type of restriction?
  • And lastly, rather than provide decent software, Steve Henning (owner of BCSS) has gone thru the trouble of creating a "consignment software review" website that he disguises as an "unbiased" review site for the purpose of promoting his BCSS software - you've reached a new low Steve. To visit the site just Google "consignment-software-reviews" (we don't provide the actual link as it would add undo credibility to the site).

In an effort to track down an actual location for Steve Henning at BCSS (aka Net Money Business), we first found them in Brighton, TN. This is the same location the BBB has for their last known addreess. Since that time, that phone number has been disconnected and, if you believe their website, they seem to be in Dallas, TX. Further address research finds that address sells virtual office space for businesses that want to appear to have an actual office, but don't. When we tried to reach them in that "office", we were connected to a disconnected phone number. In short, we're not sure where BCSS is located - and Steve probably likes it that way.

Read more about Steve's antics on The Computer Peeps website.

Help! I've Been Taken!

If you've already been harmed by Steve at BCSS software, below are some steps you can take. While your first thought is probably to file a lawsuit against Steve and BCSS, our experience has been that people who operate like Steve are usually "judgement proof". In short, you'll win the case but won't be able to collect the judgement. As with all legal advice, it's best to consult an actual attorney.


Traxia - "Simple Consign"

Our criticisms related to "Simple Consign" by Traxia are threefold.

First, is cost.  The published price for "Simple Consign" is $149 per month.  Their leasing model locks you into a monthly cost, forever!

Use our Cost Calculator to compare the true cost of "Simple Consign" to ConsignPro:

Second, Traxia seems to leave our some important features you'll undoubtedly miss, those include: consignor contracts, a customer rewards program, Smart Pricing, a consignor appointment scheduler, and customer coupons.

And lastly, "Simple Consign" is cloud-based.  Cloud-based software has it's own set of unique risks that you should understand before putting your business (and your data) in the hands of someone else. Visit our Cloud tab to learn more about cloud-based software in a retail setting.

* Our model shows the software cost for one computer in your store and does not include any POS hardware that you might want to add to either program.

The Cloud, not right for Retail.

With all the hype surrounding cloud computing these days, you may be tempted to think you need a cloud-based system for your resale shop. The truth is, not only don't you need a cloud solution, you also don't WANT a cloud solution. While great for sharing information and backing up data across different types of computing platforms, it's not suitable for mission-critical business applications - and for that reason, no major retailer uses it.

Here’s why a Cloud solution isn’t a great solution for your Resale Shop:

  • A Lifetime of Expense.  When did it become okay to pay for software forever? While great for software companies, the new cloud model stinks for software customers. With average prices of over $100 per month, you'll spend many times more for a software solution than you should, even if you're only open for a few years. The longer you're running your business the more outrageous the difference between a one-time purchase and a cloud-solution.  Take our Cloud Calculator Challenge!
  • Filling a "perceived" need.  A big selling-point to cloud-based software is that you'll be able to log into your system from any computer or device from wherever you are. It sounds great. The reality is, it's more likely a need you think you have than one you actually have. To my point, when is the last time you were sitting at a baseball game, on vacation, or at a movie and felt the need to work at your shop? The truth is, when you're not at your shop, you're away from it for a reason.
  • Control.  Someone else is always in control. They rollout software changes when they want, whether you want the update or not. Imagine that you bought their “demo” based on a feature you loved and you woke up one day to find out they changed or even removed that feature?! You have no recourse, the version they want you to run is the one you run.
  • Reliability.  Your business is at the mercy of your Internet connection.  Let’s face it, Internet connections are only as good as your Internet provider (ISP). Some are great, some aren’t.  With a Cloud solution, when your Internet is down, your business is down.  Let me repeat that, your business is down if your Internet fails.  Can you afford to let your ISP determine the success of your business?
  • Reliability.  Your business is at the mercy of THEIR computer server.  If their server goes down, your business goes down.
  • Reliability.You are at the mercy of your web browser. Web browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc) release updates sometimes DAILY. With every minor revision, you may find your printers broken or, worse yet, your software.
  • Speed. How often have you waited for a web page to load?  Imagine you’re waiting for that page to load with a line full of customers.  That’s what Cloud computing is, a web browser and web pages (acting as an application).
  • Security & Availability.  With the Cloud, your business data isn't located in your store.  It's located on a remote server, somewhere.  Who has access to it?  Is the server secure?  If you wanted access to the data for a mailing house, web developer, or simply wanted to have it converted to another software, can you get access to it?  Where is your data if they go out of business?
  • A Better Way.  Lastly, all of the great benefits promised by Cloud computing can be easily accomplished with great "desktop" software – without the pitfalls mentioned above.  For example, ConsignPro backs up your data remotely, free remote desktop software allows you to access ConsignPro from any device at any time, our remote loader allows you to enter Inventory from any web enabled device, our SMS feature automatically sends your sales data (at any time of the day you choose) to your cell phone, consignors can access their accounts 24/7 using, Updates are yours at your request. See our Solutions grid below.

In summary, in our opinion Cloud computing is great when cost, control, reliability, and speed aren’t critical.  As you know, this is the exact opposite of the needs found in a retail setting.  For these reasons, you won’t find Cloud computing in any major retailer (Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Sears, Staples, etc).  The experts weigh-in - last paragraph particularly relevant.

If you’re not convinced yet, look at the Cloud architecture below and ask yourself:  What happens to this workflow if the “Internet” fails?  Or, their Server in the center fails?  Simply put, the risks associated with a Cloud architecture outweigh the benefits, in a retail setting.

The Benefits of The Cloud and how we solve them - without jeopardizing your business:

Benefit Solution
Access ConsignPro at anytime, on any device Install a free software program called Team Viewer and have access to ConsignPro from anywhere at anytime on any device.
Low monthly usage price You can purchase our "ConsignPro EZ Lease" license and use ConsignPro for $129/month (one computer).
Software Updates Software Updates are included for life with our "ConsignPro EZ Lease" license.
Technical Support Technical Support is included for life with our "ConsignPro EZ Lease" license.
Using ConsignPro from multiple computers in your shop Network licenses can be added to our "ConsignPro EZ Lease" license for only $29/month each.
Consignor access to their account service can be added to our "ConsignPro EZ Lease" license for only $10/month
Enter Inventory remotely Our Remote Data Entry license can be added to our "ConsignPro EZ Lease" license for only $10/month

Final Thought: In our opinion, we feel that we have the easiest to use software and most complete software available for Resale Shop owners and consider ALL of our customers references. We hope you feel the same, if not, we'll refund your money.  It's just that simple.

All information on this page was gathered from individual company websites as of April 1st, 2005 and from customer feedback. Information can sometimes change. We suggest contacting individual companies to verify the information as you see fit. We will update this page as new information materializes within the industry.

Wanted to extend a BIG THANK YOU for helping out Darrel as he restored my hard drive after a virus.  I was so afraid I had lost everything in ConsignPro!!  You can bet that I will keep up my back ups religiously now! Thanks for your help and for this great program with all it's built in safe guards!!!   I am back working with my program after only one day and it's as good as new!   Thanks again.

Donna Messick

I was so impressed with the way you responded quickly and then quickly talked me through my barcoding. I just wanted to let you know that you are very appreciated. Thanks.

Linda Allen

Thanks. My son figured out the correct path. We re-booted and 'voila' I'm back in business. I even made a sale and the program worked like a charm. All my employees find the program easy to learn and operate. They said to say 'thanks' as well!

Dorothy Untershutz

I just wanted to say I am so pleased with ConsignPro up to this point. We had left unlocking the computer until after hour on Friday and we had left several msgs. We rec'd a msg from them to call them on Monday, and I couldn't believe today we received a phone call down at the shop from Brian Wilson. He was so gracious and provided us with information and also unlocked out software for us so we could continue to add our store inventory. We had already used up our demo space. We were also surprised that all the information we had entered on the demo had been saved and we were able to continue on where we had left off.

So, I must say Brian Wilson was a life saver and we were able to get a lot of work done today that would of had to wait otherwise until Monday.

Sheryl Wesner

You are doing better than I am! I called all the "major" and "minor" companies that sell any consignment related software I have heard of. Only Brian sent me a demo immediately. My accountant and my husband (not the same person lol) both nagged at me to try another program before I bought something that expensive. So I called all the other people AGAIN! I did finally get a Consign EZ diskette but none of the others has ever arrived. I am going with ConsignPro. I don't really care if I would like the others or not. I don't care if they are cheaper. I care that when I have a problem and need assistance, someone will respond and so far Brian has far outpaced them all!

Tracy Poole

I use ConsignPro, very easy to use and I think you get what you pay for. The price might be a little higher but it is a good software. I am very pleased with it.

Judy Hudson

When I first started thinking of going to computer, I had a conversation with Brian. He rubbed me the wrong way, we had couple words on this board and I bought Consign EZ for under a hundred dollars. (MISTAKE)

I talked to Brian AGAIN and bought his software AND a network copy. I was very new with computers and he was VERY patient and helpful.  I am VERY pleased with my decision and Brian has EARNED my respect as a business man. Plus, the software is great and he is always updating it to make it better.

Sorry, but I don't think you are going to find too many that have bought the software or dealt with Brian that is unhappy in the LONG RUN.

Mary Derung

The Gypsy Trader now uses ConsignPro and loves it. I bought the Gypsy Trader this past summer so I’m new to the whole business. It used a manual system.  About the first thing I did was to install ConsignPro.   Works great! Can’t imagine not using it.  We ran a dual system for about 90 days before 95+% of existing inventory was gone and all new inventory was entered.   Just about everything concerning sales, inventory and consignors are immediately available.

Well, I could go on like a commercial but....

Greg Baker

Go Brian! I'm glad to see you will be giving us an alternative to [that other resale website]. We love our ConsignPro and didn't want to give it up to go online.

We also have been very, very pleased with the support we receive from Brian, not that we need it often. Brian is always wonderful about updating the program when you want a new feature. I was leary about computerizing our system when we opened 3 years ago (we didn't for the first 6 months) because of the nightmare a friend of ours was having when she computerized a shop she bought (I don't know how many times the software has been bought and she has had to dish out additional money to "update" to the new owners and how many times she had major problems with the system and seemed to get no support.

We have had NO PROBLEMS with ConsignPro!!! Good luck to everybody who chooses to go online ....

Mark me as one of the happiest software owners on the market - yes it is ConsignPro. If only all of our other business contacts could perform as well as ConsignPro and give the customer service that Brian does.


My shop is the shop Brian did the CB [Consignment Boutique] to ConsignPro conversion last month. It really did go without a hitch. This switch from CB was made after LOTS of careful thought and hand wringing on my part..Michael {her husband} was much more confident! My CB program was only purchased 1 yr ago but I anticipated lots of future problems in dealing with ResaleWorld.

In the last couple of weeks we've just about mastered ConsignPro, and Brian has been available for the few times we've had questions. Even the first day of using the new program everything ran smoothly and efficiently.

We are EXTREMELY happy customers. The customer service provided by Brian has been exemplary. I have never met Brian, do not work for ConsignPro, and we have not received any special treatment. We are simply happy customers who feel that we have received a quality product for our hard earned money...a rarity in this day and age!   Please feel free to email mepersonally  with any questions.

Linda Weinstein

Thanks for the wonderful system. You can't believe how much easier you have made our lives here at Creative Consignment. We are invoicing 60 to 120 items per day and your system has helped do this for us and still give us time to maintain our store. You're the best!

Thank you also for the support you gave us as we were setting up the system. One always wonders how much support you will actually get when you are offered "tech support". You always answered our questions right away, even when I had to call you about my printer 4 times in one afternoon.

Nancy Rolfes

We use ConsignPro - I agree with Bob. Brian has been invaluable to us. WE were previous SIMS users for many years and they went out of business, so we had NO support. We have been able to switch over to ConsignPro (5000+ consignors) and will soon shut down the Old system.

Cheryl Corbett

Hi, I have two stores. In #1 I use Liberty (ResaleWorld) and the new store I use ConsignPro. I like features of both; however, when it gets down to the nitty gritty, it is service and response that really matters.

I have used Liberty since 1993 or 1994 and have yet to get help from their tech staff that was useful, although they charged me an arm and a leg for it.

Brian at ConsignPro not only has provided immediate help but has offered and has written changes to the program specifically for me. I recommend ConsignPro.

Bob Keefe

I just opened my store 2 weeks ago and I use ConsignPro - I love it!! I demo'ed a lot of them before I decided to go with ConsignPro. It is simple and easy to use, yet does everything I need it to do.

One of the main reasons though, is the flexibility of printing tags. I use an ink-jet printer, but you can use almost any printer with this program. With other software programs, I found I was very limited.

Regina Ingram

Thanks for your reply concerning ConsignPro software and the Y2K issue... Thanks in advance for your reply.   Victor Bray.

P.S.  So far this is the best and easiest to use program we have seen.  We are happy to have purchased a copy from you and your company.

Arlene Bray

Leigh Ann, you will get as many recommendations for software as there are software companies. You should decide what features each software offers and which you feel you need for your store. Also other issues that may be important to you are the cost, how easy the program is to use, and the technical support you will get from the software company.

For us the answer was ConsignPro and we have never regretted it. We bought our software about 3 years ago when ConsignPro was just getting started and as our store has grown and we have wanted additional features in the software - ConsignPro has always been one step ahead of us in updating the software.

On the rare occasions when we have had questions or experienced difficulty Brian has always quickly responded to our needs and has been able to talk us through the problems as if he was sitting next to us.


I have used Liberty for DOS since 1993, the program itself is fine-it's the customer support and the people behind the program that are the problem! If I were to do it all over again, without a doubt I would go with ConsignPro!

I just got back from the convention in Denver and spoke with Brian there, he's the best-friendly & knowledgeable. Another conference attendee told me that Brian originally designed this program for his mother who herself owns a consignment store. I would think that this gives Brian some real insight into the workings of a consignment store.

I also saw the program in operation, and it has all the features anyone could possibly want. The people at Liberty-both in Denver and in the years past-have been very standoffish & arrogant with me. To my knowledge, nobody on this [message] board has ever had a bad thing to report about Brian & ConsignPro-can't say the same about Liberty! Whichever way you decide to go, best of luck to you!!


Just had to say how much I love ConsignPro!!! I have a life now! I love the business but this program allows me a lot of extra time I didn't have before!  Just did my first upgrade and its even better than before...didn't think that would be possible but its great! Thanks Brian! Your Wonderful!!!!


I am so excited about this program that I can't even spell!!! Fingers working out of sink with the brain sometimes!

Tammy Whitaker

We were among some of the first consignment stores to use ConsignPro starting in 1997. The software is substantially improved since those early days and Brian Wilson has been receptive to suggested improvements over the years....

Dollar for dollar, I don't think you can find a more comprehensive software program to track inventory and sales....As far as the software keeping track of your inventory, it most definitely will accomplish this for you as we use it to inventory all sorts of merchandise including clothing, artwork, furniture, etc.

... again for the price, it is had to beat ConsignPro....In summary, I would not hesitate to recommend ConsignPro to you as it sounds like it would do very well for your application.

David Fletcher

And, again, all your help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much for your assistance.  It's good to see that there are still software companies out there that have such good customer service!   I'm not familiar with your various software packages, or even with your company, but I can honestly tell people who ask that you have an excellent customer support department, and I hope that will speak volumes for you. :)  Take care.

Larry Rhodes

I use ConsignPro and opened my store with it about 15 months. It is very easy to use and is constantly being upgraded in response to all the input Brian receives from his customers. Yearly maintenance fee is minimal and you get all the support you need. Never have had to use it, but in case I should ever have to, it is there.

Mariette Clayborne

Thank you for your continued support and constant improvements and updates to this software!!!  Cutie Patutie's could not be the successful, growing store it is today without the help of your software.

I love the new report features that allow for detailed inventory lookup reports to be printed. This new feature makes it much easier to keep track of expired items and then take them down off the shelves!

Three cheers and my biggest thank you for your continued support!!

Cassandra Abramson

I just wanted to thank you for such a great and user-friendly program and EXCELLENT service! I've been open for a month now and your program has been so easy to use that my part time help (who only knows how to use a computer for Ebay) was able to sit down and do sales immediately with no trouble whatsoever. Neither of my non-computer helpers was even intimidated by it. I signed it on for them, walked them through it once, and that's all it took!

Also, when frantically trying to get everything set up on the Sunday before opening, I e-mailed expecting an answer sometime on Monday. Well, I got an answer within the hour and was up and running in no time and ready for Monday morning.

I've implemented several new programs for my husband's business and even one designed specifically for his industry, and I've never had the friendly, competent help that you have given so freely. And knowing you monitor all the lists assures me that if I don't get the right answer from someone else, you're there to make sure I do.

Thank you so much, Brian, and all your friendly crew.

Jane Fredericks

After 5 years in the consignment clothing business, I have always used a consignment program. Although the program I was using was good, I always dreaded calling for support (which was only a couple times per year) because of the unfriendly service I would get. The problem alone was stressful enough, without having to deal with unfriendly support.

When the time came to upgrade recently I decided to compare other software programs for features, and just as important to me, friendly support. I called several current ConsignPro users and receiving nothing but positive feedback. I decided to buy ConsignPro even though I was concerned a smaller company may not "be there" 100% of the time for any questions or problems that might arise.

Several months have gone by now and I am thrilled with the program and the service I get from Brian and ConsignPro. Not only is Brian very responsive and friendly, the program does everything and more than I expected. As most of us are small business owners and pride ourselves in being able to provide more of a personal services to OUR customers, I believe Brian does that for his clients (resale shop owners). I highly recommend ConsignPro for any business needing this type of software.

Vena Holden

Your ConsignPro system has saved our shop!  When we bought our shop from the previous owner a little over a year ago, we were overwhelmed by paper work. EVERYTHING was handwritten!  I searched the web for a program to help us, tried many demos, listened to the experiences of shop owners on other systems, then, went with the best!

We have been using ConsignPro for about 8 months now, and I LOVE IT!  Brian has always been there to help me out with any problems that I have had!  Thank you so much Brian!

Jennifer & Wanda

...I have grown to love this program.   The end of the day is wonderful!!! We should of done the scanning years ago!!   I use to do all inputting by hand 3 to 400 tickets a day.     I'm also balancing  now and not spending 2 hours after we close trying to figure out what I did wrong...

Rebecca Correia

THANKS---I can't wait to get this store open! Your software has made it fun. The comments I have gotten about having a computerized inventory system compared to the other shops in town---is really going to make us a step above the rest. THANKS for your awesome customer service and your enthusiasm!

Tanis Goedert

I want to thank you for everything, you have made running my thrift shop so easy. I have talked to other thrift shops on other military posts and tell them about your program. It's the best on the market and being able to get the technical support anytime is great. Thanks Brian.

Shelia Torongeau

Has anyone told you lately how great you are? If not its long over due...You're the greatest! Now this is why I'm so glad I chose ConsignPro, not only do we have great support for any minor problems (usually not consign pro problem but operator problem) we might have but the upgrades that I've experienced in my short time as a ConsignPro user has been unbelievable! Thanks Brian

Tammy Whitaker

Specifically, I sampled and tested various software packages. as I mentioned, Brian's main competitor [Liberty] uses my company's database engine. but as a professional in the industry, I can tell you that Brian's software wins hands down for ease of use, user interface, configurability.

I didn't even have to read the help file to start working in it. admittedly, it does not have all the features that I want, but Brian has shown a willingness to add in the features that become requested.

Tom Ray

Service above the rest! I was skeptical, but you're definitely on top of it! Before purchasing ConsignPro I sorted through all the different bulleting boards and was impressed with the responses. Brian has time for us, plus taking care of his own customers. I’ve been open for 4-months now, couldn’t imagine doing this business by hand. ConsignPro was the best investment I made. Thanks for the quality customer service, keep up the great work.

Angelita Rivera

Your software has been the best investment that we made when starting out new this past August.  I could not imagine what it would be like without it.  We have experienced the best customer service and support from your business and we love the new additions to the software.

Your software allows us to give our customers what they want most, and that's to feel important.  Allowing them access to their information does this.  I can't wait to see how our new online store works out for us.  I believe we were the first to have ConsignPro in the area and have shared how great you are with other consignment shops in Janesville.

Tanya Kimble

Just thought I'd let everyone know the outcome of my research…

After looking at a half-a-dozen demo's I have decided to purchase ConsignPro software.

Comparing software, I felt that each of the programs offered many time saving features, great reporting options, flexible options to allow for individual consignment store needs. The two factors that really swayed my decision were:

1.  How easy it was to use ConsignPro; after narrowing my search to three programs, I took my oldest staff member and my newest staff member and had each of them perform a number of transactions. They both caught on faster to the layout of ConsignPro and were able to do their "work" with very little instruction.

2.  Great customer service and support; I could read and follow along easily with the instruction manual and try things out as I read.  The response time to my PAGES and PAGES of questions and concerns was prompt, friendly, with the utmost consideration for my time, my needs and my pocketbook.  Lots of patience for all of the questions and unending explanations that I asked for.  Ability and willingness to adapt/make adjustments quickly and easily to provide me with what I needed. Ability to convert data from my old software.

Thanks to everyone! Fern

Fern Whitfield

It's about time that I tell everyone how outrageously wonderful you and your software are. I have been using ConsignPro since October 16, 2009.  I was a novice to computers and especially to consignment.  The manual was very easy to read and apply. My updates are simple to install and the support I receive from Brian is fast and sufficient.  At the end of the year when the IRS is knocking at my door all the information that I need is there.  The price is right as compared to all others.  I can't emphasize how grateful I am to Brian and his software but mostly the support I receive. God Bless You

Lee Margosian

Yesterday I recommended ConsignPro to a friend that is opening a new children's resale shop in Bellaire, Children's Collection's,  and she, Yolanda, came upon a negative web site against Brian Wilson and told me about it.   I couldn't believe anyone who had used the ConsignPro program would not be 100% pleased with dealing with this company.

I purchased the program for my store 10 years ago.  I haven't had to call them for help except for 4 or 5 times but I was given immediate attention in a most friendly manner.  Two of the major problems had nothing to do with the program itself because my computers were stolen twice and the staff at Visual Horizons got the new computer reinstalled with ConsignPro and up and running very quickly.  At other times when I had any questions about the function of one of the tools within the program the "friendly" staff treated me with an attentive and professional attitude.   I have seen this company expand  added features of the program over the years that has helped my operations in running my business. 

I am a very satisfied customer of Visual Horizons and I do, and have, recommended this software to many people that have also been very satisfied.  I wish increasing success to Brian Wilson and his staff.  It is good to see and deal with an honest and trustworthy organization such as  this one.

Roxanne Weideman

I just wanted to let you know how much I love Consign Pro. When I contacted you at first, I was uncertain about what software program I really wanted. Well I want to tell you how much I love Consign Pro for my business. It is so easy to operate and to understand. It has made the difference in running my usiness.

 I also have to tell you that Allison is just awesome to work with when I have a problem, she returns your call as soon as possible. She has patience of Job with me and is very professional in the way she handles the tech support. Thank you Brian. Sincerely, Susan @ Glitzy Finds.

Susan Groff

I really like ConsignPro!  I was the manager of a Military Thrift Shop in Wurzburg, Germany when I convinced them to use the program.  We loved it!  They had been using another database program and this was so much easier.

When I moved to Fort Gordon, GA and became the manager, they were doing everything by hand.  And I mean everything from the tickets to posting the sales to writing the checks.  I convinced them to try ConsignPro and it has made everything so much easier!  Not only do the consignors love it because they don't have to write their own tickets anymore but they also get a detailed list of what has sold.  We are saving 2-3 hours a day (2 days a week) with not having to post the sales on each consignor's sheet and another 6-8 hours a month not having to add up the sales and manually write the checks.  We did have a few problems when we first got ConsignPro but that was when Windows Vista first came out but they were a big help in getting us started.  I just had to call support and someone always called me right back.  It is also very easy to transfer our checks into Quickbooks for the bookkeeping part of our business. I would recommend this program to everyone!

Debbie Windhorn

Consign Pro is very user friendly and the staff is quick and patient when answering your questions. I don't think I would have a business without the use of their products. I highly recommend them and their software!

Marisa Smart

ConsignPro is the best investment that we made when starting our business 6 years ago.  I love using it now as much as I did then. We have received the BEST SUPPORT and BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE from ConsignPro.  ConsignPro gives us  what I love the most, PROFESSIONAL SERVICE!

Shirley Porter

After much research for the best consignment software to use when we opened our new store in August Z'Upscale Resale Consignment Boutique in Zionsville, Indiana chose ConsignPro.  We have been very happy with its' ease of use, fully-featured applications and our tech phone support with Allison, in particular.

Joan Carney

I've been using ConsignPro now for over 10 years.  When I purchased the software, it was like hiring a full time person because of the time it saved!  I was tracking everything manually which was tedious, time-consuming and subject to human error. All inventory was entered into ConsignPro and within two days we were ready to rock 'n roll.

What I like most is the accuracy of the system.  It tracks all purchases and matches up sales with goods sold immediately.  We can give consignors up-to-the-minute information regarding account balances, what has sold and for how much! The reports ConsignPro produces makes bookkeeping quick and easy.  Customer support is great.  On the occasional times we have needed support, it was there and solved the issue promptly. ConsignPro is a fast, easy, user-friendly point of sale, tracking and reporting system.  It is a MUST for all consignment shops, from the smallest boutique to multi-chain operations.

Margaret Ann Kerr

I love ConsignPro! The program never lets me down. It saves me time which saves me money and increases my bottom line. Not only does it have all the features I need to keep me organized, it's very easy to use. Customer support is outstanding. My phone calls are returned quickly and I've never had a question they couldn't answer or a problem they couldn't fix on the spot. I wouldn't consider using any other program.

Louise Pirrotta

I really love ConsignPro.  I looked into many different software programs for Consignment stores and ConsignPro was by far the most superior.  It truly helps me run my business more efficiently.  It does everything you need it to do and more to run a consignment store.  There are even things it does that I didn't realize it did.  Balancing my cash drawer nightly, all the different reports I can print to help with what is selling, not selling, my consignor items that sell and don't sell.  It is easy and their Help Desk is always friendly and reliable.

I'm a huge fan and I have told other Consignment store about this program and how much it does for you and your business.

Thank you ConsignPro, From your biggest FAN!

Joni Fields

Prior to opening my consignment shop I researched several companies for easy, affordable software.  There were less expensive software programs, however, I chose ConsignPro because of the quick  and honest response I received.

I also spoke ot other consignees about their software and all agreed that ConsignPro was their favorite it is mine.  The program is easy to use and tech support is excellent.  I love the program and recommend it highly.

Patricia Holland

ConsignPro was the very first consignment store-specific software program that I demoed. In the end, I chose ConsignPro for the ease of the program, which simplifies everything from entering your inventory to making your sale A+++ all the way. I've been in business for 2 weeks now and still LOVE IT! Thanks Brian for creating such user-friendly software that meets consignment store needs!

Ruth del Sol

I have recently opened a Clothing Consignment Shop and purchased the Consign Pro Total Package software system for my store in Feburary. This software is the by far the BEST purchase I have made, so easy to set up and use. It didn't take long at all and I was entering consignors and consignor items. I have a 12 yr old and 15 yr old, they can run the program no problem at all, VERY self explanatory and  user friendly!! Consign Pros customer support gets an A++++ from me, when I did have a question they walked me thru it in a matter of seconds, litteraly, very sharp and know their software!! No MAJOR dilemas but I'll admit I did have a FEW questions. I have zero regrets on this purchase, the best purchase ever made,  prior to purchasing I was a bit nervous but looking back it was foolish of me to worry!! Thanks to Consign Pro my store is organized! oh yeah, the consignors love it too!! I can print them off a list of their items at the touch of a button, how slick is that!!

Shannon Bargman

I opened my consignment shop in December after resigning as General Manager of a hotel in my area.  I had dreamed of opening a consignment shop for several years and started looking at locations and software for a shop.  We did our research on line and liked what we read about consignPro.  I talked with Brian Wilson with ConsignPro and he willing gave me numbers and locations of other users of consignPro.  The ConsignPro users I talked with had only wonderful things to say about ConsignPro. 

The program has made traing employees as well as working with Consignors and customers a wonderful and successful adventure. Technical support has been there when it was needed, even though I had very few problems with ConsignPo.

I would highly recommend consignPro before ever dreaming of opening a consignment shop.  I can only say good things about Brian Wilson.

Rennie Proctor

Just wanted to say that we have been open for 1 week and really love ConsignPro (all that we have figured out so far!).   Sara, Tom & Alyson are terrific and have been very supportive and answered many a question.   We had some computer (hardware and other software) issues at the start (before open) but your team and product has been great.  Thanks for creating such an easy and intuitive program.

Gayle Tuttle

Great, great program!  Support staff second to none.  I am new to the consignment business.  This program is easy to use, and does all the hard work for you. Customer support staff are the nicest people I have ever dealt with.  Their knowledge and support make any problems you have go away fast.

If your on the fence about which program to buy for your business, get this one. You won't be sorry.

Earle Woodworth

Wow!  Just opened up my store in February.  I am sure I only use ConsignPro to 50% of what it's capable of!  Love love love it!  We are now (less than one year) moving our store to a better location!  Customers love how everything is software based and the detailed info we can provide them about what sold for how much!

Charlotte Bruce

ConsignPro is one of the easiest software programs to use for consignment retailers that still has all of the features you need to run your business while keeping track of all of your sales, reports, etc. What I definitely love the most about ConsignPro is the support you receive each and every time you need them. 

I wouldn't choose any other software out there.

Dana Yoachum

Hi Brian, I just want you to know how pleased I am with your program. The two ladies I have dealt with over the last couple of months have been so insightful and professional. They helped me with my recnt purchaces of the Zebra Thermal printer, Cash register and receipt machine. They also got me in contact with the people you refer to for Tags. Their names were Alison and Sarah really helpful, polite and were not in a rush with me. I am also going to go with which Alison is going to set up for me on Tuesday. I have been closed since December 12th due to major renovations YAHOO. Alison help me with the end of the year report and guided me how to save it to a thumb drive.

Brian you should be so proud that you have wonderful people working for you and that you designed such a remarkable program. I say Thank-you

Michele Cordick

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the ConsignPro software so far!!! I processed my first lot of consigned items last night and even though I didn't watch the videos or read the book, it was so easy to figure out. I did have to call support to help get the Zebra printer set up, but she was wonderful and helped me upgrade and change a few settings!! I'm going to spend more time this weekend customizing and learning more but so far I am extremely pleased with my purchase!! I love the Zebra printer too. I can't wait until the renovation of our building is complete so that I can get everything all set up in the store.

Thank you again for your help through this process and your wonderful demo (which was so good that I didn't really need to read the book or watch the videos!).

I definitely made the right choice with this software!

Tanya Lanser

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