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Software Advice Reviews of ConsignPro

ConsignPro offers hundreds of great features that will help you to fully-automate your business.  Since 1996, we’ve worked tirelessly with store owners to make sure every conceivable feature you’ll need is built-into our software.  We also update ConsignPro every few months with great new features – most suggested directly by our customers.  Some of our favorite features are listed below – you’ll discover many more when you use our software!


Our innovative Main Menu design makes ConsignPro the most user-friendly program available. Not only will you be comfortable with ConsignPro within hours, but you'll be able to train employees quickly too. Ease-of-use is the #1 reason customers choose ConsignPro. Take our Guided Tour and see for yourself how well our screens are designed.

Internet Enabled

Our latest version of ConsignPro works with the Internet to allow your consignors to view their accounts online. You can also sell online using our innovative online store builder service or enter inventory remotely using a mobile device. An integrated email system and web browser will keep you connected with your consignors and customers with ease! Learn more

Network Ready

Want to run multiple computers in your store? ConsignPro support networking for up to 15 connected workstations. Our most common customer setup is 2 computers, one in the back for check-in, one in the front for check-out. No matter what your configuration is, ConsignPro can be configured to handle your workflow! Visit our Network Support page for more information on running a network in your shop.

POS Hardware Ready

We've selected some great point-of-sale hardware to pair with ConsignPro. These pieces turn your Windows computer into a point-of-sale workstation and also gives you some great looking tags for your items. We've fully tested each piece to work seamlessly with your new software – talk about a "turnkey" solution for your business – all you need is the computer!

Integrated Bar-coding

Built in bar-coding allows you to track inventory with our CCD scanning gun. Whether the barcode is being created by ConsignPro or already on the item from the manufacturer, ConsignPro can use it on our Make Sale screen to sell any item quickly and accurately!

Credit Card Processing

Built-in credit card processing allows you to process all major credit cards right from ConsignPro. The money goes to your local bank account the next business day! Visit our credit card processing page for more information on this great feature.

Gift & Loyalty Cards Processing

You won't need an outside service to process either customer gift or loyalty (reward) cards with ConsignPro. Both features are built-in and work wonderfully. We've also partnered with to supply you with great looking cards for your shop!

Customer Tracking

Not only does ConsignPro track your consignors, it also keeps track of your customer information including how often they shop with you, how much they spend, and even what they are buying! This allows you to tailor your marketing campaigns to your best customers, or those who you haven't seen in a while. You can also setup our built-in "Customer Rewards" program and give your loyal customers a discount after a set number of visits.

Integrated Accounting

ConsignPro has a complete set of financial reports to show every dollar you take in, sales taxes, and discounts on sales. It also reports on every dollar you pay out to your consignors and can pass that information to either QuickBooks or Quicken as often as you'd like. End-of-day reports will automatically print when you exit ConsignPro or can be printed at any time on our Reports screen.

Inventory Lifecycle Management

Entering inventory is just the start! ConsignPro automatically tracks inventory from the time it's entered, thru its lifecycle including: donations, returns, or automatic forfeiture to your Store Account. At the end of it all, ConsignPro can be set to automatically purge old inventory from the system to make room for your new pieces.

Security & Permissions

ConsignPro has a log-in screen that prevents unauthorized access to your system. You can also set up each employee and assign a permission level to them. This limits the functions that they can perform in ConsignPro. We also track who logs in, when they log out, and record any "suspect" behaviors to a log that can only be accessed by you. This dramatically reduces employee theft and helps you identify if and when it's happening!

Outstanding Customer Service

When you buy ConsignPro, the software is just the start of your experience. With Visual Horizons you'll have a team of dedicated support people who stand behind the software to make sure your questions are answered quickly and accurately. As such, we put our money where our mouth is. Feel free to browse our customer feedback or contact any of our customers and ask about their experience with the support they receive!

National Exposure

In addition to a great software solution for your resale shop, your purchase entitles you to a FREE lifetime listing on our website. Not only will your store be fully automated, but customers from around the country will find you with ease!

Everything Else Too!

We've worked tirelessly with store owners since 1996 to make sure every conceivable feature you'll need is built-into ConsignPro. Features such as: Wish List, Layaways, Check Printing, Appointment Scheduler, Automatic Data Backup, Cash Drawer Balancing, Time/Tag Color Markdowns, QuickBooks Interface, Integrated Email, Buyers Fees, SmartPricingTM, Customer Rewards Program, Employee Permissions, Consignor Billing, and over 25 standard Reports!

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