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You may wish to print this page for whomever installs and configures your store network.

Networking our software allows you to run more than one computer in your shop but share the same database. With networking, all computers have immediate access to the same information. So, for example, if you enter an item on one computer, you can immediately access it on another - or vice-versa. Some of our larger shops network up to five computers in their store. The correct number of computers depends on the size of your store and how your workflow is arranged. Network licenses can be purchased on our secured order page.

We cannot support wireless networks. They simply are un-reliable and not a good choice for a business setting. Your computers should be connected via a networking cable if you want to network ConsignPro.

If you find these instructions confusing, or you lack networking experience, you may wish to contact a local computer tech in your area to assist you with the networking. Our Support team can only assist once the networking has been completed, using the steps below.

Networking ConsignPro is easy if you follow these steps:

1. Buy or obtain the correct number of computers. You will need one computer for each copy of the software you will be running. ConsignPro must be physically installed on all computers that are on the network.

2. If you've never networked computers before, contact a local computer shop and ask for someone who can help you establish a "network" in your store. The network is the wiring which connects the two computers together. Visual Horizons Software does not setup networks or troubleshoot them if there are networking problems. Establishing a good relationship with an experienced network professional is important.

3. The network that you establish can be a simple Windows "peer-to-peer" network that connects two (or more) computers together using a simple router. The networking experts will probably have a preferred configuration based on the number of computers, the distances involved, and their experience. Any network configuration will work as long as the connected computers can reference the SERVER using a mapped drive letter.

4. When the physical wiring is completed, one PC should be designated as the SERVER or the "host" computer. The SERVER will perform ConsignPro shutdown operations, do database backups, and usually print end-of-day reports. It is usually the computer in the back of the store (ex. your Intake computer) and the faster, more powerful computer (if applicable) but can be either. Once you identify the SERVER computer, proceed to Step 5.

5. The SERVER computer needs to have the ConsignPro folder shared. To do this, go into the " Computer" icon on the SERVER. Double-click on your "C" drive. Find and double-click on the "Program Files" (or sometimes ‘Program Files (x86)’ folder). Find and RIGHT-CLICK on the ConsignPro folder. Click "Sharing" and then "Advanced Sharing". Click "Advanced Sharing". Check the "Share this folder" box. The "Share name" should be "ConsignPro". Click the Permissions button and allow "Full Control" to Everyone. In older version of Windows, check the box "Allow network users to change my files" and click OK and OK again. Close all open windows.

6. Next, go to the GUEST computer (i.e. not the SERVER). On the GUEST computer, click Start and open the "Computer" icon. Up top, click "Map network drive". Write down the DRIVE LETTER (i.e. Z). The letter you choose does not matter, as long as we know it for step 8. Click the BROWSE button and locate the shared \ConsignPro folder on the Server computer (select it, then OK, then Finish). The "Reconnect as logon" box should also remain checked.

7. Call us at (305) 535-0959 to unlock each networked copy of the software. There is a charge of $295 per networked copy of our software.

8. After each copy is paid for and unlocked, our tech support staff will have you change the "Database Path" box on the "CustomizeCP" screen off of the Maintain Store screen. This step tells the software where to find the central database file (i.e. Z:). During this step, you should also uncheck the "Process shutdown options" checkbox on all networked copies. The instructions in this step DO NOT apply to the main or SERVER computer, only the networked workstations. When done, click Update. If the database file is found, you will be prompted to restart ConsignPro – you are now Successfully Networked!

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