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Feeling trapped with your current software? Does it not do what you need it to do? In most cases we are able to convert your existing data into the ConsignPro format to make your transition to ConsignPro relatively easy.  Below are some common questions and answers relating to the data conversion process.

What software programs can you convert from?

We’ve done many successful data conversion from:  Resale World (Liberty), Consignment Success / Best (CCE), BCSS, Stoker, Consign EZ, Soft Sell, and QuickBooks.   Click any software program to see a list of those customers and/or contact them about their experience with ConsignPro.

Can you convert from other formats?

Yes.  If you can get your data into a Microsoft Excel or comma-delimited format, we can often convert that data to the ConsignPro format.  We can also convert from Microsoft Access.  If you have data in another format, you can send your data file(s) to for a free analysis.

What data do you convert?

We strive to convert all of your consignor information, including:  numbers, names, addresses, phone numbers, and balances.  We also try to convert all of your active inventory and items sold within the last year.  When done correctly, you won’t have to retag anything in your shop and should be able to use your existing barcodes on your current tags.

What data don’t you convert?

We don’t convert prior account histories or previous invoices (sales data).  We recommend printing out all Sales Reports from your old system prior to the conversion and keeping that system around for about 90 days after the conversion to answer historical questions that may arise.  Generally speaking, within one inventory cycle, you’ll be completely using ConsignPro to do everything in your shop.

How long does the conversion take?

The data conversion usually takes one evening.  In general, you send us your data file(s) at the close of business and have we have the converted data back to you by the next business morning.   We recommend scheduling a data conversion with us by sending us an e-mail with your conversion plans.

How much does conversion cost?

Data conversion is a flat $200 and is non-refundable.  Each conversion averages about 2 hours of analyst time and includes testing and corrections as needed.

What files do you need from me?

Liberty (DOS) - consign.dbf, customer.dbf, items.dbf
Liberty (Windows) - RWD_Data.mdf, RWD_Log.ldf
Best / CCE – cust.dbf, items.dbf
BCSS - consign.dbf, customer.dbf, inventory.dbf
Stoker - consigndata.mde
ConsignEZ - client.dbf, items.dbf, customer.dbf
Consignment Boutique (DOS) - invent.dbf, clients.dbf, customer.dbf
Consignment Boutique (Windows) - cbdat99.mdb
QuickBooks - Need Excel (.xls format) exports of Vendors, Inventory, & Customers

Will my existing hardware work with ConsignPro?

In most cases Yes but it depends on the makes and models you currently have.  Please visit our hardware compatibility page for more information.

My system numbers inventory differently than yours, how does this work if the data is converted?

When we convert your inventory, we create a unique item number for each item using the consignor id and the current item number from your system. For example, consignor 108 and item number 56 would be item number 1080056 in the ConsignPro system. All consignor numbers are converted "as is" so you can easily do lookups in the ConsignPro system using either number or last name.

I have a networked system now, can I network ConsignPro?

Yes, you can easily network ConsignPro among several computers. The cost is $295 per additional computer.  For complete information on networking, visit our networking support page.

What challenges may I face during the transition?

All conversion present some challenges in getting the data converted perfectly.  For example, if your consignor id’s include letters (A, B, C), we will have to convert those to only numbers.  We would then provide you with a printable table of old and new numbers to make your transition easier.  Sometimes, we can’t pull the consignors balance over and that would need to be input manually from your old system into ConsignPro.  We can let you know about any obstacles before we begin the conversion and work with you a solution that makes sense during the transition period.  Any challenges are temporary – the longer you use ConsignPro, the easier it gets.

Can I manually convert to ConsignPro?

Yes.  Many store owners convert to ConsignPro using a phased approach which involves running either 2 computers in your store or both programs on the SAME computer.  New consignors and new inventory is entered into ConsignPro and consignors (names and addresses) are transitioned over to the new system as time allows.

To make life easier during conversion, ConsignPro has an easy method of posting your existing inventory into our "Make Sale" screen which does not require the items to be on the database.   The “QuickAdd” process requires only the consignor id (or name), description, and the item price.  The system will add the item on the fly, pay the consignor, and record the sale immediately.  In short, you won’t have to retag your entire store during the conversion to ConsignPro!

How do I get started with ConsignPro?

  1. Download our free demo from our demo page, try it out, and make sure it will work for your business.
  2. E-mail us and let us know you're interested in data conversion.
  3. Order ConsignPro (or any Package) and the data conversion from our secure order page.
  4. Visit and send your data file(s) to
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