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Become a ConsignPro Expert!

We are pleased to announce a new "first Thursday" monthly series of instructional online webinars, all led and taught by ConsignPro creator Mr. Brian Wilson.

Each 60-minute webinar will focus on a different feature or aspect of ConsignPro and you'll be able to connect, watch, and learn all about that topic. You'll also be able to ask questions and have them answered real-time by Brian.

Webinars will be held on the dates below at 7pm EST. We will record each webinar and share it with you if you are unable to attend the live session.

We believe our new webinar series will be as informative as our annual Training Events and help you become a ConsignPro expert in record time.

Affordable Learning

The price for all ten webinars is $250. There is no limit to the number of viewers from each location. Individual webinars are available for $30 per class. Register Now

2018 Webinar Schedule*

Month Topic Description
April 5th Email Marketing This webinar will focus on how to setup the e-mail gateway within ConsignPro and use our built-in features to effectively communicate with your consignors and your customers. We will also cover exporting email address from ConsignPro to your favorite email marketing tool and building successful marketing campaigns.
May 3rd SMS Text Messaging This webinar will explore the new SMS text message feature in ConsignPro. We will detail the "ClickSend" setup and the related integration in ConsignPro. You will learn how to send both individual and batch text messages and how to effectively manage the opt-out replies from customers and consignors.
June 7th Online Store Builder This webinar will teach you all about our improved Online Store builder service. We will show you how to build and customize your own online store, add items to it, use our new remote photo loader tool, and promoted it via your social media accounts. We will also introduce on our "Social Media Add-On" and explain how that works.
July 5th Social Media Add-On Picking up from our previous session, this webinar will focus on how to get the most from our Social Media Add-On. It will explore how the online store is linked to your social media accounts, how to use social media to effectively market your shop - including best practices. This session will be co-hosted by our online marketing partners at Bring Social.
August 2nd Adding Inventory This webinar will explore all of the different types of inventory you may need to add to ConsignPro and how to add it correctly. This includes the proper setup of your store account and store-owned items, adding vendors and vendor items, adding buy-outright items, options for tag printing, and how to correctly finalize an item that doesn't sell.
September 6th Furniture Roundtable This webinar will focus on the unique needs of furniture store owners. Questions will be submitted in-advance and owners with that subject matter expertise will present. This will be an interactive session led by furniture store owners and moderated by us. We intend to cover best-practices, best vendors, marketing techniques and budgets, other furniture store specific topics.
October 4th Using Buyers Fees This webinar will pay for all the others. The effective use of the buyers fee feature in ConsignPro will lead to new and untapped revenue for your store. This webinar will explore both simple and advanced buyers-fees, how to turn them on, use them effectively, explain them to your consignors, and account for them on your reports.
November 1st Pricing Inventory There are many pricing helpers within ConsignPro that can help you correctly price the items that come into your store. This webinar will discuss the differences between our SmartPricing tool, our new "womens pricing database", our "Check eBay" helper, and our own historical pricing guide.
December 6th Year-End Processing This webinar will focus on the thing you should do to prepare for fiscal year-end and include: how to backup your year-end database correctly, printing the reports you can only get at year-end, and what information your accountant will need to prepare your taxes.
January 10th Interactive Q&A This webinar will be entirely customer-driven. Your questions to the moderator (Brian) will drive the direction that training takes. No subject is off-limits and our goal will be to answer every question asked - time permitting.

* Schedule subject to change (with advanced notice). No refunds available for missed or unused sessions. Requires a high-speed internet connection and working computer speaker(s).
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