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Software Advice Reviews of ConsignPro

Why should I choose ConsignPro?

You should choose ConsignPro because it's the easiest to use, most complete software program serving resale shop owners. Our 20+ years of experience in this business combined with friendly and knowledgeable customer support give you a trouble-free experience as you automate your shop. The number one reason customers choose ConsignPro is because they find it the easiest to use and teach others. The number two reason, is the service they receive from both our sales and support teams.

How many computers should I have in my shop?

That depends on the size of your shop and your budget. You need to decide whether you want to use a computer to ring customers up or a cash register. With the cash register, you will have to tear off the tag and enter it into the computer at the end of the day. Many store owners find one computer in the back for tagging (intake) and one in the front for ringing out customers (POS) to be an effective setup. Try our online store configurator and build the perfect system for your shop!

Do you also sell hardware?

We sell computers, receipt printers, cash drawers, scanning guns, tag / label printers, pole displays, touch-screen monitors, and the credit card processing setup. You can view all these pieces on our POS Hardware page. If your budget doesn't allow this equipment up-front, you can always add pieces as you go. View our Package Pricing page for discounts if you purchase everything up-front.

How much is ConsignPro

The cost to run ConsignPro on one computer in your shop is currently $1,495, or rented thru our "ConsignPro EZ Lease" license for $129/month. This includes software, our 140-page printed User Guide, a home copy of ConsignPro, and one year of technical support and version updates. If you're running a network in your shop, add $395 for each additional computer (or rent for $29/month per additional computer).

How does Technical Support work?

Tech Support is free for one year with any software purchase (or free for life with "ConsignPro EZ Lease" license purchase). After that, Support is $250 per year for single computer users and only slightly more for our networked customers. This includes unlimited access to our customer support phone number, e-mail support, and version updates of ConsignPro via our Update page. More information about pricing and hours of operation can be found on our Support Page.

What's your return policy?

We offer an industry-leading 30-day return policy! We want happy customers who can refer future customers. Rarely do customers buy and then return our software but our money-back guarantee should make your purchase decision even easier. All hardware returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee. CP:Advantage/Dell computers must be returned within 21 days. Data conversion customers are limited to a 50% refund on software purchases.

Can I use ConsignPro at home?

Yes, the home copy of ConsignPro is free. You can take your ConsignPro database back and forth using a flash drive.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks and all major credit cards. You can order via our secured order page with a credit card. Shipping is not included in any of our hardware prices.

Can I network ConsignPro?

Yes. ConsignPro was designed so that it can be networked on many computers. To network our software, you will need to install a network in your store. We recommend that you look for a reputable computer service company in your area that can assist you in the network setup. Learn more about networking ConsignPro on our network support page. Each additional computer requires a network license. The current price is $395 per additional computer.

What kind of computer can I use?

Generally, any desktop or laptop computer, running Windows, made in the last 5 years, will run ConsignPro just fine. We run on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. We don't run on Macs – sorry. If you are also purchasing our POS hardware, the computer should have several free USB ports – or you can install a USB "hub".

Do you have a demo I can try?

Certainly. Visit our demo page for a no obligation, 30-day trial, of ConsignPro!

How long does shipping take and cost?

Your ConsignPro software is available for immediate download on the day of your order. POS hardware orders take up to 7 days for US orders and up to 10 days for international orders. In either case, we can provide expedited shipping at an additional cost – if necessary. Standard shipping is $10 (sofware only orders). Shipping cost is not included in our hardware pricing. International customers may also be responsible for duties imposed by their taxing authority.

What other fees or costs will I encounter?

Tech Support is free for the first year and then $250 per year after that (slightly more for additional computers). The Support Plan is optional. We charge additional fees for our online services (all optional):, Online Store Builder, and database backup services. All of our pricing can be found on our secured order page. There are no other hidden fees or costs.

Where do I get tags or labels from?

Tags or labels are available from our partner Forms Plus at discounted prices. Unlike our competitors, we send you straight to the wholesaler for discounted pricing on tags, labels, checks, and other supplies you may need. View our current tags designs!

Do you have any references I can contact?

Yes! We consider every customer to be a reference because we really believe in our software and support. Feel free to contact a few of our customers in your area by visiting our local references page – something none of our competitors offer!

Do you offer any discounts?

For orders placed this month via our secured order page, use discount code "online" for $100 off your purchase!

Can I rent ConsignPro?

Yes, our "ConsignPro EZ Lease" license allows you to rent ConsignPro for $129/month for a one computer setup.  POS hardware is not included but can be purchased separately.  Our "EZ Lease" license also includes free Support, Version Updates, and Online Backups for life!  If you're running more than one computer, additional network licenses are only $29/month (per computer).

Do you offer financing?


All Software & Package purchases can be financed for 6 months with no interest*.  When place your order online, everything is shipped immediately and all future payments are automatically charged to your credit card.  You can get started today for as little as $217!   Use Discount Code “bonus” to take advantage of this special offer.  Order now!

* Financing offer may be subject to meeting minimum credit score requirements.