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Below is a list of hardware that ConsignPro is compatible with.

While you are free to purchase your POS hardware from anywhere you would like, we can only guarantee compatibility with the makes and models of equipment listed below.  Our Packages represent very competitive prices on this hardware and we urge you to purchase it from us.  This makes the setup and configuration much easier and saves us both a lot of time and energy.

Our Support Team will always assist with the setup and configuration of POS hardware that was purchased from us. For hardware purchased elsewhere, a $25 per device, per occurrence, setup fee will apply - assuming it's compatible and you need help.


ConsignPro will run on any PC running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10.  We do not run on Macintosh computers.  Our RAM and hard drive requirements are minimal.  Either a Desktop or a Laptop computer will work equally well with ConsignPro and our related POS hardware.  The computer should also have several USB ports to connect our POS hardware to.  If you will be using our X-Charge credit card processing, networking the computer to another, or using any of our Online Services, you must connect your computer to a router using a networking cable (not wireless).

Scanning Guns

The scanning gun should be a USB model that can read “Code-39” barcodes.  Either a less expensive CCD scan gun or a slightly more effective “laser” scanning gun is fine.  We sell a CCD model that connects to a USB port for $189.

Receipt Printers

We currently sell and support the Star TSP650 thermal receipt printer.  This is the best choice for use with ConsignPro as it’s fast, quiet, and uses heat rather than ink to print your customer receipts.  This printer connects to your computer via a USB cable.  We are also compatible with Star SP200 and Star SP2000 receipt printers.  These are the only 3 models of receipt printers that work perfectly with ConsignPro.  We currently sell the Star TSP650 printer for $339.

Cash Drawers

We current sell and support the MMF electronic cash drawer.  The drawer must connect to the bottom of the Star receipt printer via a cable that resembles a phone cord.  We currently sell the locking MMF cash drawer for $189.

Tag Printers

We currently sell and support the Zebra ZD410 thermal tag printer.  This is currently the best choice for printing tags and labels from ConsignPro.  This printer also prints with heat so there is no ink or toner to replace.  This printer connects to your computer via a USB cable.  In the past, we’ve been compatible with the Zebra LP2844 and Zebra LP2824 Plus tag printers.  These are the only tag/label printers that we are currently compatible with.  We currently sell the Zebra ZD410 printer for $395.

Credit Card Swipe

We currently sell and support the MagTek Mini, 2-track card swipe.  This swipe connects to a free USB port on your computer and works with ConsignPro and X-Charge to process credit cards over your Internet connection.  We currently sell the MagTek Mini swipe for $95.

Customer Pole Display

We currently sell and support the Bematech PDX3000 pole display.  The pole display connects to your computer using a USB cable.  This is the only make and model of pole display that works with ConsignPro.  We currently sell the PDX3000 display for $279.

Other Printers

In general, ConsignPro can print to any full-page printer attached to your computer -- assuming that Windows can print to the printer.  Any printer that you connect requires the correct printer driver software installed into your Printers folder.  After you install any printer (using the Windows Add Printer wizard found in the Printers folder), you should try to print a Test Page from the driver file to ensure that Windows can use the printer.
In general, your report printer should be the "default" printer in Windows and should also be selected in the "My report printer is" box on the Customize CP screen.

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