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Our new Remote Data Entry license allows you to enter inventory into your ConsignPro database from any computer (or device) connected to the Internet! 

This exclusive new feature allows you to add items remotely, whether at home, at a clients home, within the store, or even by your consignors at their homes.  And the great news is, it works on all devices.  Whether it be a desktop, laptop, iPad, smart phone, or any other device that can browse the Internet.

How it works:

After your purchase our Remote Data Entry License, we set your store up on our servers and send you simple setup instructions.  After the setup is completed in ConsignPro, you simply visit and begin entering items – just like you would do on our Add Inventory screen.  When complete, click the “Submit to ConsignPro” button and the file is saved on our servers.  The next time you start ConsignPro, those items are downloaded into the ConsignPro database, assigned items numbers, and tags can be printed.  It’s that simple!

Potential uses:

  • Use an iPad in your store to enter inventory during busy times.
  • Enter inventory from your home with no need to move the database around.
  • Take your iPad 3G out picking and add items & photos as you go.
  • Let your consignors enter their own inventory from their homes.
  • Enter inventory at a clients home or from the road.
  • Perfect for customers who hold seasonal sales.

What it costs:

  • One-time license cost of $295 per store.
  • Users must be on our Annual Support Plan.


  1. ConsignPro v7.20 (or later) from our Update Page.
  2. A high-speed Internet connection at your store.

How do I sign-up:

  1. Visit our secured order page.
  2. Purchase the "Remote Data Entry License" under "Software & Packages".
  3. We will e-mail you setup and usage instructions within 24 hours.

Demo our Remote Inventory Loader website:

  1. Visit
  2. Login with a store id of “BK100” and password of “1234567890”
  3. Add Inventory.  Try  “Review Items” and “Submit to ConsignPro” buttons.
  4. Note that the contents of each list (and the list names) are pulled from your lists in ConsignPro!
  5. Photos can be uploaded from your computer, smartphone, or iPad.

We sincerely hope this new service will benefit store owners and look forward to bringing you the very best in consignment shop software!

Brian Wilson, CEO
Visual Horizons Software, LLC

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