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We're pleased to offer ConsignPro customers online account access for your consignors through a new website we've created,

This exclusive new feature will allow your consignors to lookup their account information via the Internet -- and it's all built right into ConsignPro 6.0.

Looking for

How it works:

At the end of the day, during Shutdown processing, ConsignPro uploads a small portion of your ConsignPro database to the website.  Consignors can visit our new website and login with their consignor id number and last name.  Consignors can view their current account balance, pickup date, last 90 days inventory, and recent account activity.  It's that simple!

Why you want it:

  • It reduces the number of daily phone calls you receive from consignors looking for information on their account.  What's my account balance?  Did my blue sweater sell?  When should I pickup items that didn't sell?  All answered on
  • It gives you an advantage over your competitors who don't offer online account access!  "I like consigning with ABC Resale because I can lookup my account at any time!".
  • You can link to from your stores website, giving your website a more complete look and feel.  Maybe a new button like "View my account" or "Account Login".

What it costs:

  • $179 per year

Some shop owners offset these costs by charging their consignors to use this service (ex. $1/month).  If you choose, this new feature could /be used to make your shop money!  Charges can be setup right in ConsignPro.


  1. ConsignPro v6.03 (or later) from our Update Page.
  2. A high speed Internet connection at your store.

How do I sign-up:

  1. Visit our secured order page.
  2. Sign-up for MyResaleWeb under "Web Services".
  3. We will contact you and help you configure ConsignPro to use MyResaleWeb.


You can try our new site right now.  Visit  Select “HI” under State and then "MRW Test Store".  Under "Consignor Info".  Enter 7 for consignor id and "Walters" for the last name.  Click Lookup.  While this is just test data, you should begin to understand just how helpful this site will be for both you and your consignors.  Your store photo and owners message will appear -- not ours!

We sincerely hope this new service will benefit store owners and look forward to bringing you the very best in consignment shop software!

Brian Wilson, CEO
Visual Horizons Software, LLC

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