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Welcome new store owner!

When a store that uses ConsignPro changes hands, there are several important steps that must be completed before the transfer is complete.  If these steps are not completed within 30 days (from today), our ConsignPro license expires and Support is not available.  Please read the following instructions carefully.

The previous store owner should have already shared this information with you, it was in the license agreement they accepted when they installed the software.

First, each of the following statements must be true to process a license transfer of ConsignPro.  If any statement is not true, you should contact us before paying a dime for ConsignPro - it is not a valid transfer.

  • I am doing business under the same SHOP NAME as the previous owner.
  • I am doing business at the same ADDRESS as the previous owner.
  • The previous owner purchased ConsignPro from us (Visual Horizons Software).

Second, the new store owner (you) is responsible for a license transfer fee of $250.  This includes both the transfer and first year of Technical Support and Version Updates.  Once the transfer fee is paid, we will transfer the license into your name and you'll have Support for ConsignPro.

Important: If the Maintenance Contract for the license you are purchasing is not current, an additional $100 will be due FOR EACH year that it is overdue. For example, if the Maintenance Contract is three years overdue, the new owner would owe $250 + $300 = $550. This extra fee pays for the version updates that we've done, and you're receiving, as part of the license transfer.

If the above statements are true, please follow the steps below to complete the license transfer.

  1. Visit our Secured Order Page.
  2. Order the "ConsignPro license transfer".
  3. Complete the form with your shop information (name, address, etc).
  4. In the NOTES box, put the previous owners name and the statement "I confirm that all 3 conditions necessary to transfer the license are true".
  5. Submit your order to Visual Horizons Software.

Once your order is received, we will email a receipt for your transfer.  We will also e-mail you the latest program update.  You can then contact us for Support with your new software.

Also, our software license can only be transferred a SINGLE time.  Should you someday sell your shop, the new owner would need to purchase a new software license from us.

Visit our Support Page.

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