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Software Advice Reviews of ConsignPro

The following information will help you to:

  • Install ConsignPro to a new computer.
  • Install ConsignPro on your home computer.
  • Re-install ConsignPro onto a computer that was recently fixed.
  • Transfer your database backup file to the new computer.

You may wish to print these instructions and related instructions.

  1. If ConsignPro is not already installed on the computer, use our program CD (mailed when you bought the software) to install ConsignPro. Run the setup program (setup.exe) on the CD to install ConsignPro. If you do not have the CD, you can download ConsignPro from our demo page.
  2. Once the software is installed, start ConsignPro. When you get to our SIGNON screen, click on the “Register Now” button. Email us the new registration number from that screen (ex. 12345) to Be sure to identify your store and yourself in the email note and we will email the unlock password back to you.
  3. If you installed from an older CD, you may wish to visit our Update Page and install the latest ConsignPro Update. If you are not on our Annual Support Plan, you can sign-up on our Order Page. This will allow you to access program updates for one year.
  4. If this is the only computer in your store, a home copy, or the SERVER computer on your network, complete Step 5. If it is a networked computer, proceed to Step 6.
  5. Once the software is unlocked, you can RESTORE your database file. To do this, put the disk into the disk drive on the new computer and, above the ConsignPro Main Menu, click on DISK / Restore old database. The password is “restore”. The restore window will open. Select the DRIVE LETTER that the backup file is on (ex. E:, F:, etc). You should see a "consign.bak" file in the small window on the right. Click on that file and click the “RestoreDB” button. This will put the backup file onto your new system. Once the restore is complete, proceed to Step 7.
  6. If this is a networked computer, visit our networking instructions page to correctly network this copy of ConsignPro. Be SURE that this computer is running the SAME version of ConsignPro as the others on the network. Version information is at the very TOP of the ConsignPro application. If not, refer to Step 3 to Update all computers on your network to the latest version.
  7. If you are connecting any of our special printers, cash drawers, scanning guns, or other peripherals to this computer, visit our POS connections page. This will guide you through installing and configuring all equipment that works with ConsignPro.
  8. If you also use the X-Charge system, and need to process credit cards on this PC, be sure to contact X-Charge Support at (800) 338-6614 to install and configure credit card processing on this PC.
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