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Staying connected to your business, even when you're not there, is critical for any small business owner. Here at ConsignPro, we recognized that need years ago and have built-in many features that allow you to stay connected, wherever you are.

Whether you're in a hotel room on your laptop, at the grocery store on your Smartphone, or on your sofa with your iPad, Remote Desktop Software will allow you to "be at the store" and work remotely. Add consignors, inventory, print tags, or run reports - anything you can do at the store, you can do "on the road".

This is the same technology that our Support Team uses to fix problems at your shop. We use a free program called Team Viewer, but there are many free ones available. Learn more about the free software options available to work remotely.

Microsoft Remote Desktop is a free app that will run on any computer, tablet, or phone and allow you to connect into ConsignPro at your store. While we do not support the technical setup of remote desktop connections, but many of our customers love them and we wanted to let you know that it's possible and fairly easy.

ConsignPro also has the ability to send text messages to you throughout the day with information on current sales, system usage, sales voids, and other activity. To turn this free feature on, go to Maintain Store, CustomizeCP, and click the "SMS / Email Alerts" tab at the top.

*Use of the remote options on this page assumes you have an Internet connection at your shop

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