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Database crashes (Error 3343, 3197, etc) unfortunately occur sometimes.  There is nothing that can be done to completely eliminate that risk, however, the information below can help you minimize down-time and reduce that risk.

While we can usually retrieve data that is less than one day old, there is nothing we can do to retrieve or re-enter the sales and consignors that may have been lost.

Below are some tips on what to do when you lose data, ways to minimize data loss, and some reasons that your database could have become corrupted in the first place.

Things to do after a database crash:

  • Call us at 305.535.0959 to help you locate and restore the most recent good copy of your database file.  Once this is done....
  • You will need to re-enter sales that occurred in ConsignPro from the day and time of the backup that was recovered.   For instance, if the file that was recovered was 6pm on Thursday night, you would need to re-create any sales that occurred from that point forward.  Store owners sometimes use the tags that were removed from the items when they were sold, duplicate copies of sales receipt tapes, or previous copies of "Itemized Sales Report" (if you print them).
  • You will need to re-enter any consignors that were added to the system since the recovery.
  • You will need to either re-enter or SKIP those item numbers that were added since the recovery.  If you had entered 50 items into the system before the crash and don't want to re-enter those items, the next time an item is added be SURE to skip at least 50 numbers for the Item Number or item numbers will be re-used for different items and consignors!!  You can then "QuickAdd" those items when you sell them on the Make Sale screen as the item number on the ticket will not be found in the system.  If you are re-entering every item, be sure to use the same item numbers if the items are already ticketed.
  • If any balance adjustments or consignor payouts were done, they will need to be re-entered.
  • If any refunds were done, they will need to be redone.
  • Basically any work that was done that updated the database needs to be re-created through printed reports, memory, or other documentation.

Things you can do to minimize data loss:

  • Backup your database after a lot of work is done.  This can be done at any point during the day using the "Disk" / "Backup database" option on the top of the Main Menu on the "server" computer.  You MUST log out of any networked copy of ConsignPro before you can do the backup on the server.
  • Use different daily backup disks and rotate them frequently.  You should have a different disk for each day of the week and rotate them accordingly.  More info on database backups.
  • Print an Itemized Sales Report at the end of each business day or remove the tags from items and keep them for at least one week.
  • Print an Inventory Lookup Report where the "Received dates" = "Today" before closing.  This will give you a list of all items added on any given day.
  • Keep a duplicate copy of each sales receipt.  The "copies" can be changed on the CustomizeCP screen under Store Settings.
  • Print a "Consignor Payout" report on the reports page for the day.

Things you can do to prevent a database crash:

Your database crashed because a transaction was started against the databse file which was not completed.  To minimize the risk of this:

  • Do not use a wireless connection between your computers.  This will crash your database more often.  ConsignPro doesn't support wireless networks.
  • When you walk away from the ConsignPro computer, leave the system on the Main Menu.  This unlocks records so other users can access them freely.
  • At the end of the day, exit out of EVERY copy of ConsignPro using the EXIT button on the Main Menu.  Exit out of the SERVER copy LAST and be sure to click the SHUTDOWN button, even if none of the boxes are checked.  Database maintenance is done during this process that keeps the database healthy.
  • At the start of the business day, start ConsignPro on the SERVER before starting it on any networked computers.
  • Physically power down every computer at the end of the day and restart them in the morning.  This gives you a "fresh" copy of memory to use throughout the day.
  • If possible, make sure each computer on the network is using the SAME version of Windows (ie. XP, Vista, Win7, etc).   Differences in operating systems sometimes cause glitches with the network.
  • Make sure each computer is running the SAME version of ConsignPro (ie. 7.10).  Version information is always located at the VERY TOP LEFT corner of ConsignPro.  They must match exactly.  If not, update all computers to our latest version.
  • Make sure every computer on the network has 1GB of RAM installed in it.  If not, or unsure, contact a technician in your area.
  • Install a surge protector on each computer in the store.
  • Never restart Windows (or the computer) without first exiting out of ConsignPro completely.
  • Be sure that your networking equipment and cables are good quality and functioning properly.  If in doubt about the quality, consult a reputable technician in your area to run a test on your equipment.
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