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ConsignPro Release Notes

Visual Horizons Software added more new features to ConsignPro last year than all of our competitors did combined.  Most changes were made at the suggestion of our customers, proving once again that listening to your customers really pays off.

Version Updates are free to members of our Annual Support Plan.  If you are not on the plan, you can sign up on our secured order page.

Version 10.x (Apri1 2019)

.03 - Improve refund receipts and receipt reprinting.
.03 - Streamline voiding credit card transactions (BluePay/XCharge).
.03 - Fix refunds where multiple of the same vendor items are on a single sale.
.02 - Fix comma supression in consignor name lookup box.
.02 - Exclude buy-outright items from pickup date list.
.02 - Add new "Payout Report" message that customers can customize.
.02 - Print exact copy of the original when re-printing receipts on Star printer.
.02 - Fix rounding on sales tax with discounts.
.02 - Fix default payment type selections.
.02 - Fix long load times for buy-outright only.
.02 - Add cell phone number to Consignor Contract.
.01 - Fix disappearing screens.
.01 - Ability to turn off the online store feature (remove plan).
.01 - Fix missing RetroMenu in .ini file message.
.01 - Show quantity on screen and 3" receipt when selling multiple vendor items.
.01 - Enable use of Enter key in consignor comments box.
.00 - Add 10 "wallpaper" themes (see: File / Themes).
.00 - Update the controls on all screens to Windows10 styling.
.00 - Make primary screens larger.
.00 - Reorganize Find/Add Consignor screen for a cleaner look.
.00 - Expand pricing helper (eBay, Google, Amazon, Poshmark, Tradesy, RealReal).
.00 - Add ability to suppress BluePay credit card receipts.
.00 - Fix the Complete Sale button when the credit card worked on Amount Due.
.00 - "Add Another" button fixed when hitting Enter.
.00 - Show entire consignor name on Amount Due when using credit.
.00 - Fix surcharge for online store pricing.
.00 - Remove voided sales from Exempt Sales Report.
.00 - Auto-scroll the Activity screen to the bottom.
.00 - Allow default payment type to be set on CustomizeCP.
.00 - Allow Canadian customers to set tax rates by Type using Flexible Terms.
.00 - Rewrite Cash Drawer balancing routines to work better & improve receipts.
.00 - Add ability to reset consignor sales totals to last 12 months of sales.
.00 - Allow BluePay customers to refund to credit cards thru Lookup Invoice.
.00 - Fix "BuildSekelton" error when recalling previous sales.

Version 9.0

.96 - Allow surcharge on prices for online store items.
.96 - Remove "Credit only" consignors from check printing list.
.96 - Fix "fields" list on custom reporting to clear when changing saved reports.
.96 - Add size list drop-down to online store items.
.96 - Send store owner alerts to multiple addresses (SMS / Email Alerts tab).
.96 - Add Untaxed Sales total to the Income Statement.
.96 - Automatically adjust the consignor balance when deleting account activity.
.96 - Fix for void process when sharing discounts with consignors.
.96 - Don't upload buy-outright inventory to
.96 - Add cash drawer receipt reprints and add new Cash Drawer Balancing Report.
.96 - Allow consignor accounts to be designated "Credit Only".
.95 - Fix not being able to change a $0 account balance.
.94 - Fix math on Amount Due screen when using a discount and then removing an item.
.94 - Add "Sold by" to the Gift Card Report to record who sold the card.
.94 - Fix for buy-outright only stores to prevent committed credit from being paid out.
.94 - Record the activity when someone unchecks "Record this sale".
.94 - Tighten up security on cash drawer balance screen.
.94 - Fix "missing" status when deleting inventory.
.94 - Include gift card redemption details on 3" receipt.
.94 - Include who sold the gift card on the Gift Card Report.
.94 - Option to email sales receipts to customer.
.94 - Consignor credit can now be used for online store purchases.
.94 - Change "n tab" to just "n" on Make Sale to QuickAdd an item.
.94 - Fix tax jurisdiction selection on Get Cust Info.
.93 - Fix math with sharing Amount Due discount with consignor.
.93 - When in Training Mode, show on Menu title bar.
.93 - Add sale time to Invoice Review screen.
.93 - Fix error when deleting items using Quick Returns.
.92 - Add new "Sales by Month & Year" report.
.92 - Online store option to mark an item as SOLD.
.92 - Pass Quantity on Vendor items to the Online Store for display there.
.92 - Hold item End Date until exiting CP.
.92 - Add "Store Cost" to the remote data loader.
.92 - Make welcome note optional.
.92 - Add a new "Sales by Tax Jurisdiction" report.
.92 - Add Tax Jurisdictions for collecting sales tax for different locales.
.92 - Verify online store inventory when starting CP.
.91 - Fix rare subscript out of range issue for XCharge customers.
.91 - Fix inventory searching on Find Inventory screen, trim spaces.
.91 - Notify consignors of activity on if email gateway is setup.
.91 - Option to move vendor items to the store account when they expire.
.91 - Tweak to Canadian HST calculation and use.
.91 - Fix "Hourly Sales Report" to include all sales.
.91 - Add new forfeit feature to automatically remove "aged" money from consignor accounts.
.90 - Fix issue with the cash drawer balancing screen not appearing when it's "required".
.90 - Increase Type and Desc lists to 3000.
.90 - Fix Expire Date on Add Inventory when not the default date.
.90 - Checks can now be sorted by consignor last name.
.90 - Fix template signatures to look nicer (added a return).
.90 - Improvements to Sales by Sales Tax Rate for NY customers.
.90 - Primary screens made BIGGER.
.90 - Extend "remove from database" days to a max of 9999.
.89 - Allow discounts on the Amount Due screen to be shared with the consignor.
.89 - Allow gift cards and account credits to be used together on a sale.
.89 - Apply any "fill down" discounts to additional items added to a sale.
.89 - Fix cash drawer open/close figures on Daily Summary Report.
.89 - Add more details to the Account Activity screen.
.89 - Option to speed up BluePay card processing.
.89 - Fix "Recent Adds" button sometimes being disabled.
.88 - Apply tag color markdowns to online store prices.
.88 - More BluePay tweaks.
.87 - BluePay "Augusta" tweaks.
.87 - Fix deleting account activity records.
.86 - Fixed locked "Prints On" list on Add Inventory.
.86 - Option to require cash drawer balancing on open and close.
.86 - Fix to inventory report error from Find Inventory / Search screen.
.86 - Fix to BluePay Augusta integration.
.85 - Fix "Process Credit Card" button for "Manual Transact" and "null" error during startup.
.84 - Fix ClickSend mail failure.
.84 - New consignor and inventory data importer (CSV files).
.84 - Petty cash receipts.
.84 - BluePay "Augusta" integration added.
.83 - Fixes to cash drawer balancing receipts.
.83 - Fixes to selecting a specific tag printer when adding items.
.82 - Add new petty cash feature.
.82 - Allow items to be assigned to a specific tag or label printer when added.
.82 - Add item color and size to Online Description pre-fill.
.82 - Fix sort order on Purchaes tab on Customer Info screen.
.82 - Mark vendor items as "Sold" in online store when Count = 0.
.81 - Fix for 3" received reports not printing.
.81 - Fix hang on startup for Add Tax Rates.
.81 - Put buyers fee back to original amount on voids.
.80 - Keep received date and end date (if changed) on Add Inventory for next item.
.80 - Prompt for cash removal during cash drawer balancing screen at end of day close.
.80 - Fix sales tax showing on 3" layaway receipts.
.80 - Tweak advanced buyers fee math when using percentages and discounting.
.80 - Reassign missing tax rates when using Flexible Terms.
.79 - Add a new Sales by Tax Rate report for NY customers.
.79 - Fix incorrect customer info showing on Invoice Review screen.
.78 - Streamline "Promote Online" to add item to online store.
.78 - Assign tax rate to item when it's a QuickAdd.
.78 - Ignore the in-stock count when selling vendor items.
.78 - Improve totals on Activity Reports.
.78 - Fix Inventory Lookup Report when using dates for Vendor items.
.78 - Fix saving of layaway message.
.78 - Fix payment totals count when not voiding the entire invoice.
.77 – Add more contact detail to signatures on email templates.
.77 - Add support for balancing multiple cash drawers.
.77 - Add support for balancing cash drawer intra-day.
.77 - Add three more choices to Tag Color Markdowns (8 total).
.76 - Save custom reporting critera.
.76 - Fix eBay URL when using "Chk eBay" button.
.76 - Sort employee name list.
.76 - Fix consignor count on Dashboard.
.76 - Includes consignor first name when using "Use Account Credit"
.75 - Put sales totals on Sales Entry screen.
.75 - Fix Repeat Item when using Recent Adds.
.75 - Fix Error 5 when refunding account credit to gift card.
.74 - Upgrade email to ClickSend if desired.
.74 - Add count to inventory templates for Vendor items.
.74 - Option to print Received/Dropoff Receipt to Star or full-page.
.74 - Add new email log under Tools.
.73 - Fix XCharge login credentials.
.73 - Support for email thru
.72 - Add new error log for troubleshooting.
.72 - Expand length of X-Charge password field.
.72 - Received Report and Dropoff Receipt now print to Star printer (if available).
.72 - Add credit card fees back to check total when using "Payout thru" date.
.72 - Fix QuickBooks export.
.72 - Improve refund selection process on Invoice Review screen.
.71 - Fix sold vendor items.
.70 - Fix to move Vendor items out of the Store account.
.70 - Refine "Recent Adds" feature when deleting an item.
.70 - Fix Discount field reset to $0 when returning to Sales Entry screen.
.70 - Fix duplication of items using "Recent Adds"
.70 - Fix truncation on consignor splits under 10 cents.
.69 - Fix X-Charge error #5.
.68 - Fix locked cell phone numbers after validation.
.68 - Fix inventory list view screen to display item number.
.68 - Add tick-list item deletion from the List View screen.
.68 - Support for QB Online.
.68 - Add new custom report generator to Reports screen!
.67 - Fix 50003 error.
.66 - Fix Recent Adds one more time.
.66 - Never expire buy-outright items to the Store account.
.65 - Fix printing of inventory report from List View screen.
.65 - Allow for a test send for group SMS text messages.
.65 - Add the ability to SMS text message "Everyone" as one message.
.65 - Add feature to strip duplicate phone numbers from SMS text send.
.65 - Fix overflow (Error #6) on Dashboard.
.65 - Fix 20515 error on Inventory Lookup Report.
.65 - Further improve Recent Adds.
.64 - Improve Recent Adds feature.
.63 - Fix for "List View" / "Recent Adds" issue.
.62 - Fix for removing Types when lists are tied together on Maintain Lists.
.62 - Fix for "PaymentTerms can't be a 0 length string" when completing a sale.
.62 - New "Recent Adds" button on Add Inventory screen to edit newly added items.
.61 - Fix Inventory Lookup Report - sorted by Split %.
.60 - Fix Inventory Report when printed from the Find Inventory screen.
.60 - Allow anyone to upload online store changes.
.59 - Batch unsubscribe numbers from csv file.
.58 - Filter out '&' character in text messages to prevent message failure.
.58 - Fix reduce by box on Sales Entry screen.
.58 - Add "Quantity" field to QuickAdd screen when using "n" on Sales Entry screen.
.57 - Fix locked cell phone numbers.
.57 - Improve eBay pricing helper.
.56 - Fixes to validate phone numbers.
.56 - Add new feature to unsubscribe a customer/consignor from texting.
.55 - Add and opt-out message to all texts.
.55 - Add a new "Top Selling Days" to the Dashboard.
.54 - Fixes to new group text message feature.
.54 - Fix Inventory Lookup Report when Tag Color list is renamed.
.53 - Use eBay as a pricing helper on Add Inventory screen (Check eBay)
.52 - Lookup customers by phone number and add "don't text" checkbox.
.51 - Additional tweaks of new SMS text feature.
.50 - Fix group sending of SMS text messages.
.49 - Improvements to SMS texting and phone validation.
.48 - Add new phone number validation to verify cell phone numbers.
.47 - Add SMS text message feature.
.46 - Fix buyers fee math for declining price points (Advanced feature).
.45 - Fix to keep items in the online store after they are sold.
.45 - Adjust the "reduced" box on Find Inventory screen to be the "next" day to be technically correct.
.44 - Move "Return to consignor" checkbox to minimize accidental click. Rename "Wants Returned"
.44 - Fix bug allowing customer rewards to be used multiple times on the same sale.
.44 - Show wishes that match even when no customer email address exists.
.44 - Option to email customers by birth month.
.43 - Option to hide moved exipred items from
.43 - Rework "Buy outright" selection.
.43 - Allow "Tag Color" list to be used for Condition and rework SmartPricing.
.42 - Fix refunds of multiples of the same vendor item from a sale.
.42 - Include an item sales total on the bottom of the Account Activity report.
.42 - Fix refunds of multiples of the same vendor item from a sale.
.42 - Include an item sales total on the bottom of the Account Activity report.
.41 - Improve "remote item from online store" to call webhook and remove item completely.
.41 - Change Inventory Lookup Report to not report on Vendor items when Count = 0.
.41 - Allow items to be sold without paying the consignor (store ownwer only).
.40 - Add ship cost / weight to Online Store.
.39 - Replace CP browser with default one.
.39 - Limit online store and uploads to one per 30-minutes to avoid crashing server.
.39 - Add Wish Number to Wish Report.
.39 - Add option to reprint a Gift Receipt from Lookup Invoice screen.
.39 - Option to change all available inventory when changing sales tax on Maintain Store.
.39 - Option to reset all email templates to the default.
.38 - Add Local Pickup Only option for Online Store items.
.38 - Fix buyers fee math for percentage buyers fees.
.37 - Fix permission problem for Internet / Email consignors.
.37 - Option to sort Inventory Lookup Report by Item Split %.
.37 - Fix saving of email template changes.
.37 - Fix MRW upload when no items found.
.36 - Fix printing of email templates with CTRL+P and saving changes.
.36 - Fix error 94 on "All tag color" markdowns.
.36 - Shorten BluePay credit card slip.
.35 - Fix consignors "Total Sales" calculation for buy-outright items.
.35 - Fix "last month" figures on new Dashboard.
.34 - Fix "heading is a required field" for online store customers.
.33 - Fix Error 94 when making changes to items that are in the Online Store.
.32 - Password update for MyResaleWeb and Online Store customers.
.32 - Final improvements to the Social Add-On and Online Store Builder.
.31 - Improvements to Online Store and rollout of new Social Add-On.
.31 - Change AcqRefData to (200) len in db file.
.31 - Fix for Manual Transact for BluePay manual charges.
.30 - Fix amount of activity shown in the Activity Log file (reorder report, most recent first).
.30 - Fix to correctly report the COGS on the Income Statement for Buy Outright items.
.29 - Allow manual entry of card details for layaway deposits thru BluePay.
.29 - Add "same day sales" pop-up to new Dashboard.
.29 - Fix error 3022 on startup.
.29 - Tweak the way Canadian sales tax defaults work when adding inventory.
.29 - Suppress "Tax ID:" on 3" receipt when an ID doesn't exist.
.28 - Make sales tax reduce when a reward is applied (only if selected).
.28 - Fix nag message about Tax ID number.
.28 - Tweak tax math for Masachusettes customers who tax certain items over a $ amount.
.28 - Option to reprint credit card slip for BluePay customers (Lookup Invoice).
.27 - Add refund processing to manual charge screen for BluePay customers.
.26 - Enable manual charging of credit cards for BluePay, in Tools Menu.
.25 - Turn off printing of 2nd credit card slip for BluePay.
.25 - Fix Account Activity for credit card fees when charged to consignor & separated.
.25 - Add rewards info to the 3" receipt.
.24 - Add new "dashboard" when owner logs in. Also available under Tools.
.23 - Fix Cash/Credit labels when looking up a consigned item.
.23 - Fix "File not found" error when completing a sale that was recalled.
.22 - Fix "Object invalid or no longer set" during Shutdown.
.22 - Find Inventory screen can now lookup by Type,Desc,Color,Size, & Status.
.22 - Improve Wish List search feature (partial field lookups).
.21 - Fix "CheckEditErr" message when doing backups.
.21 - Fix remove entry from list error on List Maintenance screen.
.20 - Fix "invalid use of null" on inventory screen.
.20 - Ignore "case" when searching for items using the Inventory Lookup Report.
.19 - Add a new Merchant Processing company, BluePay. Call today for a free rate review (844) 236-1465
.19 - Add option to print credit card receipts to full page printer rather than Star printer.
.19 - Print to Star or Generic printer driver for 3" receipts (Windows10 issue).
.19 - Move all data from individual Notepad files into the ConsignPro database file.
.19 - Support for sharing the consignor split with another party (ex. 50/25/25) - charity.
.18 - Allow sort of Inventory Lookup Report by Employee.
.17 - Add item photo to Make Sale screen when it's been assigned to an item.
.16 - Don't adjust the buyers fee on vendor items when selling a discounted vendor item.
.16 - Use "Province" and "Postal Code" on address captions for Canadian customers.
.16 - Fix Rewards Program on NEW customers so they can be eligible for the reward immediately.
.15 - Add more error checking to mail send routines.
.15 - Add invoice number to credit card slip.
.14 - Edit to prevent sales from completing where the credit card didn't go through.
.14 - Fix to repair database files that are corrupted (limited).
.13 - Fix totals on the 3" Cash Drawer Balancing Receipt when cash refunds are present.
.13 - Fix for hang on Windows Vista & XP PC's at boot.
.13 - Fix for "L" for layaway on Make Sale screen.
.13 - Fix for consignor split calculation when selling an item from Find Inventory screen.
.13 - Turn off credit card signature receipt printing, receipts must be printed from within XCharge.
.13 - Fix calculation error when trying to use consignor account credit when the balance is negative.
.13 - Fix to allow processing gift cards or consignor credit in either order on Amount Due screen.
.13 - Add support for EMV credit card processing (chip and pin).
.12 - Fix for non-connect to Internet, include several tries.
.12 - Fix for multi-workstation lockups (assumed).
.12 - Fix Expired status showing on Inventory Lookup Report.
.11 - Fix bug in 9.10 to tax QuickAdd items on Make Sale.
.11 - Fix to hold tax setting on Add Inventory when holding the item Type (Canadian).
.11 - Fix to print 2 credit card receipts.
.11 - Fix to not cause error when tabbing too many times on Add Consignor screen.
.10 - Fix to showing expired items on
.10 - Fix to Canadian taxes being added on Sales Entry screen when not applicable.
.09 - Add email address to the consignor data export under Tools.
.09 - Fix rounding on consignor splits under 10 cents.
.09 - Fix recall of saved sales with QuickAdd items present.
.08 - Prevent items on saved sales to be sold if they have already been sold.
.07 - Fix for the move percent when items move to the store account.
.07 - Don't show layaway deposits on the Exempt Sales Report.
.07 - Pass future layaway deposits to QuickBooks in the data bridge.
.06 - Fix jewelry labels.
.06 - Improve upload process to work with more firewalls.
.05 - Fix for selling Gift Cards when also selling items.
.04 - Fix for "Restricted to list only" check mark not staying.
.03 - Fix buyers fees on Quick Add items when using advanced buyers fees.
.03 - Fix saving of options selected on List Maintenance screen.
.02 - More fixes for new settings management.
.02 - Password protect Get More Records on remote loader screen.
.02 - Fix to doubling of Gift Certificate amounts on Amount Due screen.
.01 - Fixes for new settings management.
.00 - New Main Menu design and segment-specific menu skins (File => Menu Style =>)
.00 - Move all ConsignPro settings into the database file.
.00 - Fix to immediately add new consignors to the last name lookup list when using consignor credit thru Amount Due.
.00 - Prompt for reprint of tags for items being returned.
.00 - Consigned items in an "Expired" status can now be sold and will credit the Store account automatically.
.00 - Remove payment type default to "Cash" of Amount Due screen. Clerk will now need to make the selection themselves.
.00 - Fix "output destination" selection (Printer) on Reports screen for employees who can't view financial reports.
.00 - Fix layaway doubling on the Sales Activty Report for subsequent layaway deposits.
.00 - Fix math issue with selling items under $1 when an Item Charge is present.
.00 - Include the sales tax paid on cash refunds on the Cash Drawer Balance close out report when returns are done.

Version 8.0

.53 - Fix message when consignor split difers from flexible terms split.
.52 - Fix Error 20515 when printing Sales Activity Report.
.52 - Fix Net/Received numbers on Daily Summary Report.
.51 - Fix Validate Accounts logic to add to Opening Balance record when correcting accounts.
.50 - Include recorded account balances changes on the Exempt Sales Report (untaxed sales).
.50 - For buy-outright, give cash vs credit options and calculate the payout automatically based on each.
.50 - When printing a Gift Receipt, prompt for the number of copies.
.50 - Improve the Sales Activity Report to better account for sales, discounts, layaways, gift cards, refunds, etc.
.50 - Count current sale toward the reward totals limits, credit on the sale they exceed.
.50 - Include Type/Desc/Color/Size on (inventory and activity pages).
.50 - Improve online store upload method.
.50 - Disable the "Print sales receipt" box for employees who can't void sales.
.50 - Fix "Store Cost" field label on Add Inventory when defaulted to buy-outright.
.50 - Lock down item number range on Quick Returns and include a new UnDo button.
.50 - Allow for First Name lookup on the Find Consignor screeen.
.50 - Add a "mark as missing" button to the Physical Inventory reconciliation screen.
.50 - Allow store owners (only) to "sell" items on the Find Inventory screen using Status box (pays consignor only)
.50 - Include the buyers fees in Online Store prices when an item is marked down during Shutdown.
.50 - Save any fields that are changed after the Consignor Contract prints on Add Consignor screen.
.50 - Fix refunds for Canadian customers when discount taken on Amount Due screen.
.50 - Correct tax re-calculation for Canadian customers when discounting a sale on Amount Due.
.50 - Don't deduct credit card fees when selling store-owned items.
.50 - Fix sale totals calculations on the Daily Summary Report.
.50 - Fix for split % on Add Inventory screen when using Flexible Terms.
.50 - Fix so that only owners can change the "Sale Date" box on the Amount Due screen.
.50 - Add a fail-safe to update a consignors account balance if their record is initially locked.
.50 - Fix tax on Add Inventory screen with Flexible Terms and holding the item Type.
.50 - Fix Reports so non-financial employees cannot see Sales Activity Report.
.50 - Check the "Any Unprinted" box automatically when printing tags for "My Computer Only".
.50 - Option to print Aged Inventory Report for only "Return to consignor" items.
.50 - Put voided items back into the tag print queue (reprint tag).
.50 - When voiding a sale, default to the original payment method for the refund.
.50 - When printing tags during Add Inventory, don't print unless "Print tag" is checked.
.50 - Keep Count field on screen for donated Vendor items.
.50 - Add "Rel" button on Add Inventory to release a previously "held" item Type.
.50 - Prompt when selling an item that exists in the online store.
.50 - Add Notes to Wish List screen.
.50 - Allow editting of pre-formatted email templates on CustomizeCP screen.
.50 - Fix the Totals Only report for refunds (match to refunded payment type).
.50 - Remove Expired items from Wish List matching logic.
.50 - Don't require a Payment Type selection on Amount Due when no $ is owed on the sale.
.50 - Record inventory and invoice deletes from the Tools menu to Activity Log file.
.50 - Show Cash Drawer balance screen to Make Sale Only employees on Exit.
.50 - Limit Quick Returns "range" option to store owners and admin employees.
.42 - Fix credit card fee math when using a wholesale amount for items.
.42 - Allow multiple copies of the Zebra double-wide tags with both markdowns and barcodes.
.42 - Make buyers fees adjust (if necessary) when changing the price of newly added items.
.42 - Remove check to not mark items down after their End Date - items will now reduce forever.
.41 - Remove duplicate $ next to "Reg Price" on 3" receipts.
.41 - Fix to amounts credited back to consignor on certain returns.
.40 - Fix for 2014 date math for really old versions of Windows.
.31 - Fix the Undo Markdowns to also fix buyers fees.
.30 - Fix buyers fee and markdown math.
.29 - Fix consignor split math bug introduced in .27
.28 - Fix error when uploading
.27 - Fix for layaway deposit accounting on the Income Statement.
.27 - Show the Cash Drawer balancing screen for "Make Sale" only employees.
.27 - Add consignor number and name to Invoice Lookup screen if they used account credit to pay.
.27 - Add buyers fee to Wish List matching email sent to the customer.
.27 - Fix problem with using "Unknown" for Quick Add items.
.27 - Assign the salesperson to the item being sold if one is selected on the Amount Due screen.
.27 - Show the reason for Balance Adjustments on
.27 - Fix the way layaway deposits appear on the Income Statement.
.27 - Fix rounding of consignor splits to truncate anything past 2 decimal places.
.27 - Fix to add more Vendor items to
.26 - Fix for calculation of credit card fees.
.26 - Add subsequent cash layaway deposits to the Cash Total on the Daily Summary Report.
.26 - Fix for lock-up on employees who can only Make Sales.
.25 - Fix for error during check printing when no email address exists for the consignor.
.25 - Expand List Maintenance screen to allow for 3,000 entries per list.
.25 - Fix "subscript out of range" when reprinting Payout Summaries.
.24 - Fix to Income Statement (old format restored).
.24 - Fix for ccMyself box when sending email.
.24 - Fix for deducting credit card fees from non-X-Charge customer charges.
.24 - Balance message on 3" receipts when balances are quoted x days ago.
.24 - Fix Error 5 when looking up voided invoices.
.24 - Update security features.
.24 - Remove apostrophe from layaway names.
.23 - Tweak to buyers fees when resulting commission split is less than $0.
.23 - Add layaways to
.23 - Fix for upload from Shutdown screen.
.23 - Improve the X-Charge credit card receipt
.22 - Include cash refunds on the full-page End of Day Summary report (Cash in Drawer)
.22 - Fix for tax issue on trades.
.21 - Fix for upload.
.20 - Option to refund money onto a Gift Card.
.20 - Add a field for email address to the Wish List screen and prompt to email matches if found.
.20 - Prompt to automatically send an email when a customer wish matches a newly added item (Add Inventory).
.20 - Add ability to email consignors based on activity date, balances > 0, consignor codes, & birth month (Internet menu)
.20 - Print a 2nd receipt when items are put on layaway. That receipt stays with the items.
.20 - Add a warning message when changing the Status of an item from "Missing" - Quick Returns.
.20 - Fix for Repeat Item button on Add Inventory (skipping an inventory number).
.20 - Fix for Canadian customers to round cash sales and cash refunds to the nearest nickel.
.20 - Center headings on 3" receipts more precisely.
.20 - Breakout ALL payment types separately on the "Daily Summary" report when printed on Star printer.
.20 - Deduct redeemed gift card amount from Gross Sales on Income Statement - sales revenue was previously recorded.
.20 - Include support for secure (SSL) mail servers when sending email from ConsignPro (includes Gmail accounts)
.20 - Include the original Gift Card/Cert amount on the Gift Card Report.
.20 - Add ability to sell or redeem multiple Gift Cards/Certs on a single sale.
.20 - Add ability to void an unused Gift Card/Cert and remove it from the system (Lookup Invoice).
.20 - Include Gift Cards/Certs on 3" sales receipt, Lookup Invoice screen, and Sales Activity Report (untaxed sales).
.20 - Fix Advanced Buyers Fee math when selling price lands exactly on a price "tier" in the Fee matrix.
.20 - New feature to email consignors a list of unsold items that are expiring soon.
.20 - Allow future layaway deposits (or deposit refunds) to a credit card (when using X-Charge)
.20 - Hide "Repeat Item" button when adding Vendor items (use Count field instead!)
.20 - Automatically rebuild the "Pickup Dates" on consignors during Shutdown processing (Tuesday nights), add dates to Consignor Report.
.20 - On the emailed Donation Report, include items that first moved to, and then Donated from, the Store account.
.20 - Add the option to customize a message at the bottom of the "Payout Summary" report (Maintain Store screen).
.20 - Ability to only show "Sold" items (without $ amounts) on the Payout Summary Report.
.20 - Add ability to email the Consignor Contract (PDF format) to the consignor if email address is present.
.20 - Ability to include the store logo on the emailed consignor contract (image "store.jpg" must be in \ConsignPro folder).
.20 - Add option to email the Payout Summary Report to the consignor during batch check printing.
.20 - Exclude any fees collected during batch check printing from all sales reports and QB extract.
.20 - Add ability to lookup a future appointment on the Appointment Scheduler.
.20 - Allow sales with QuickAdd items (n-Tab) to be Saved for future use.
.20 - Option to automatically assign Buyers Fees to QuickAdd items (n) thru Make Sale screen.
.20 - Option on CustomizeCP to not automatically turn the "page" when entering sales.
.20 - Print the second credit card receipt when two credit cards are used on a single sale.
.20 - Fix rounding of half-cents when calculating sales tax on a single item.
.20 - Fix Tab order on Add Consignor to go to email address field.
.20 - Restrict QuickBooks data export menu option to employees who can view financial reports.
.20 - Make some options under the "Internet" menu available to non-owner logins.
.20 - During "re-consign", move the item back to the consignor account if it already moved to the store account.
.20 - Expand Layaway Report message (at the bottom) to 5 lines.
.20 - Remove Sold items from the Markdown Report.
.20 - Add option to upload data right from the "Internet" menu.
.20 - Fix out-of-balance errors during the ConsignPro to QuickBooks data transfer.
.20 - Fix "Amount Remaining" on layaway maintenance screen and Layaway Report for Canadian customers.
.20 - Include cash refunds on the Cash Balancing Report (end of day).
.20 - Fix consignor name lists when someone uploads the Online Store.
.20 - Zero out Item Fee when an item expires to the store account.

.16 - Fixes to Smart Pricing.
.15 - Option to pass credit card fees along to the consignor when the buyer used a credit card to purchase their items.
.15 - Don't zero out the store cost on buy-outright items if they expire to the store account.
.15 - Lock "Remove from database" settings on Shutodwn screen for anyone without "owner" permissions.
.15 - Don't allow Quick Returns to move items to the store account when "Return to consignor" is checked on the item.
.15 - Fix bug where any employee could view the Sales Activity Report on Reports screen (same day only).
.15 - Fix Error 76 when the backup drive isn't connected to the computer and a backup is attempted.
.15 - Change Work phone label to "Work/Cell" label.
.15 - Put the logged in employee name on all email note signatures.
.14 - New button to mark all tags as printed on the CustomizeCP screen.
.14 - Improve Buy Outright process and labels on Inventory screen.
.13 - Fix SmartPricing problem when you have a Type and Description that are identical.
.12 - Don't check payment verification file on the weekends.
.12 - Fix error 365 when completing a sale.
.12 - Fix remote data loader pulling too many records.
.12 - Fix for QB check export.
.12 - Fix for remote data loader - Overflow Error 6 and fields too long to accept data error.
.11 - Fix invoice number printing on credit card receipt.
.11 - Fix signon screen placement when the Menu times out.
.11 - Fix to refund process where account credit is used and entire sale is voided.
.10 - Add an additional warning message before deleting a consignor with items on their account.
.10 - Add new online Message Board to Help menu.
.10 - Disable invoice "date lookup" on Invoice screen for employees without permission to view financial reports.
.10 - Fixes to Buy Outright process.
.09 - Fix online database backup error message.
.08 - Fix auto-print of portrait with markdowns tag from Add Inventory screen.
.08 - Add Team Viewer download to Help menu.
.08 - Fix auto-print of portrait with markdowns tag from Add Inventory screen.
.07 - Lock "Accounts Receivable" for QB Sales export (account name can't be changed).
.07 - Fix to reset Wish List matches when items are sold, donated, etc.
.07 - Fix refund process for "buy outright" items that are voided.
.07 - Pass cash payouts to consignors to QuickBooks during Consignor Payouts export.
.06 - Background changes to improve stability.
.05 - Small fix for QuickBooks sales export.
.04 - Fix Overflow 6 on sales.
.03 - Add option to maintain customer reward totals. Tools / Customer Rewards
.03 - Add option to lookup consignor by email address.
.03 - Sign email notes with the current user name rather than owner name.
.03 - Remove master login password.
.03 - Fix Inventory Lookup Report, consignor name list.
.03 - Re-write QuickBooks interface.
.02 - Fix voiding more than one item on Lookup Invoice screen.
.02 - Improve online database backup.
.02 - Ability to remove a photo from an item.
.01 - Fix amount explanation on Activity screen.
.01 - Fix Inventory Lookup Report.
.00 - New Main Menu design and corresponding color choices.
.00 - Increase fonts and all screen sizes.
.00 - Allow non-uniform State and zip on consignor and customer screens.
.00 - Fix refund amount when voiding sales that contain the same vendor item sold at different prices.
.00 - Option to only restrict TYPE list to list entries only when adding inventory.
.00 - Fix reprint of credit card receipts.

Version 7.xx

.34 - Make the rounding done when calculating consignor splits favor the store..33 - Setup 1" square thermal labels to print multiples of the same item.
.33 - Add "Buy-outrights" to the Payout Report selection.
.33 - Remove money from the consignor account when a buy-outright item is deleted.
.33 - Fix flexible terms splits when adding inventory.
.33 - Add a "Balances as-of date" option to the "Consignor Balance Report"
.32 - Set Unprinted tag count at max of 1000.
.32 - Make item notes available for Sold items.
.31 - Change to not have flexible terms override the split % for a consignor.
.31 - Add new zip compression to databases backed up to the VHS web server.
.31 - Make "Inventory Lookup Report" headings match any custom headings for Type, Desc, Color, Size.
.31 - Fix to Buy Outright to only credit customer account when adding the item initially.
.31 - Fix "only upload sold items" check box for
.30 - Recalibrate and test all thermal tags and labels.
.28-.29 - Numbers skipped
.27 - Add info to Activity Log when the "Record this sale" check is removed.
.27 - Fix flexible taxation if the item Type is not in the Type list.
.27 - Fix to upload account activity to when the consignor balance is $0.
.27 - Recalibrate and test all thermal tags and labels.
.26 - Add a new field to Flexible Terms screen to only tax amounts exceeding a set dollar amount for a Type.
.26 - Add new option to print the Payout Report by the type of payout (cash, check, credit).
.25 - Fix error 3201 when trying to expire consigned items to a non-existent store account.
.25 - Option to default to "Buy Outright" rather than consignment.
.25 - Change headings on inventory "List View" screen.
.25 - Add Count to Remote Data Loader.
.25 - Add Buy-Outright search option to the "Inventory Lookup Report".
.25 - Make item photos appear on networked computers.
.24 - Fix paying consignors on buy-outright sales.
.23 - Fix for QuickAdd with "n" on Make Sale screen
.22 - Add program support for Buy-Outright customers.
.21 - Add the ability to add an item photo to any item in the system (Find/Add Inventory screen).
.21 - Adjustments to MA tax calculation for items over $175
.21 - Add a tag count after the "My computer only" for tag printing on Reports screen
.21 - Add "Prev Item" to the top of the Inventory screen to show last item added to the system.
.21 - Option to print Consignor Report by consignor code field.
.20 - Add mandated MasterCard partial approval support for X-Charge customers.
.20 - Add warning when turning off the sales receipt printing.
.20 - Add Remote Date Entry feature so you can add inventory via the Internet. Info:
.20 - Add "Consign 4 a Cause" reporting to Sort/Total the Inventory Report by Consignor Code.
.16 - Fix to reset the "Avg. selling price" when changing descriptions on Add Inventory screen.
.16 - Fix for Massachusetts sales tax on high dollar clothing.
.16 - Correct buyers fee (by %) when reduces with discounts math.
.15 - Add "Item Type" to the email templates.
.14 - Option to lock individual consignor accounts.
.13 - Add new Zebra thermal tag design with 2 markdowns and barcode (LBTH tag)
.13 - Add any customer reward amount to any existing discount on the Amount Due screen.
.13 - Fix to display the "Total Sales" for all consignors on the Find Consignor screen.
.13 - Option to reprint tag on Quick Returns when moving items to the Store account.
.13 - Fix to allow the "Type" list to be optional - Maintain Lists screen.
.13 - Fix 402 error when logging in and set to "Only make sales".
.13 - Add new "cc myself" option to the e-mail screen for individual sends.
.13 - Fix various errors on the Postman (e-mail) screen.
.13 - Fix Error 5 when completing a sale.
.13 - Allow voids directly to customer credit card (X-Charge).
.13 - Add DB size to Maintain Store screen.
.13 - Move the settings file to the application folder.
.13 - Add new one-up thermal tag (barcode) design for Zebra printer (from Forms Plus).
.13 - Add Tax ID to the Gift Receipt.
.13 - Option to select a starting item number when using Lowest Item Numbers (CustomizeCP)
.13 - Hide a consignors "Total Sales' if the Employee can't view Financial Reports (Find Consignor screen)
.13 - Add ability to email a new "Donation Report" to consignors with donated items.
.13 - Fix Error 55 on multiple uploads of Online Store.
.12 - Fix Main Menu from freezing when an employee logs in.
.11 - Fix for Buyers Fees on the Online Store

Version 7.0x

.09 - Fixes to HST tax in Canada.
.08 - Include new Physical Inventory feature (Tools menu) and "Shrinkage Report".
.08 - Unlock the charge amount on the X-Charge screen in case two cards need to be charged on a single sale.
.08 - Option to not allow a consignor to use more credit than they have on their account during a sale.
.08 - Add another warning if database backup is bypassed.
.08 - Add an option on Flexible Terms to reduce all items by their Type.
.08 - Add support for the new Harmonized Tax (HST) for Canadian customers.
.08 - Update edit for "File not found" message.
.08 - Save the default tax selection for Canadian customers.

.07 - Fix to include all the consignors account activity.
"Unknown transaction".
06 - Minor adjustment to tag and label files for Windows 7.
.05 - Fix item fee calculation for consignor account balance.
.05 - Remove duplicated "Color" from Zebra small labels.
.04 - Fix to include additional consignor account activity on
.03 - Make consignor fee separation optional on CustomizeCP.
.02 - Fix changing the consignor check number on the Activity screen.
.02 - Fix spacing on Comeback Buks message.
.02 - Fix to not override the split with the Flex Terms split for consignors with special splits (Add Inventory)
.02 - Update consignor Activity Date when an item sells, returned, balance paid, etc.
.02 - Update pole display when credits or discounts taken on Amount Due screen.
.02 - Add description drop down list to QuickAdd screen during Make Sale.
.02 - Separate first/last name on email export files for users.
.02 - Auto refresh Description list when using the same Type for the day and lists are tied.
.02 - Sort the Purchases tab by purchase date.
.02 - Add Voids to the Activity Log.
.02 - Add the item description to the Recent Activity tab on
.02 - Add the original invoice number to voided invoices.
.02 - Remove "GC" function from Make Sale, gift certs/cards now processed using the Amount Due screen.
.02 - Add a "Best Consignor Report" that is sorted by total sales per consignor.
.02 - Add the option to "Hold" the Item Type throughout the day - new "Hold" button.
.02 - Include Tax ID number on 3" customer receipt, if they have one.
.02 - Make headings on Merchandise Receipt match headings on Inventory screen.
.02 - Separate any "Item charge" in the Activity window and on Activity and Payout Reports.

.01 - Clear out change due field when "Back to Sale" on Amount Due screen.
.01 - Fix receipt printer cutting receipts too soon.
.01 - Add $2 coin for Canadian customers on Cash Drawer balance window.
.01 - Fix Error 402 for "Make sales only" employees who log in.
.01 - Add cash sales & cash payouts to the cash drawer balancing receipt.
.01 - Fix X-Charge setting in the .ini file - now uses new interface.

.00 - Make the X-Charge interface compatible with 64-bit Vista and new Windows 7.
.00 - Fix the recalcuation of advanced buyers fee when items are discounted.
.00 - Only upload last 6 months of account activity to if no consignor payout found.
.00 - Allow the consignor split to vary based on the selling price of the item. Set Commissions screen.
.00 - Track the average selling price of items and suggest those prices when adding inventory.
.00 - Option to not track employee login/logout for Vista customers.
.00 - Add new cash drawer balancing screen and with receipt printing.

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