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Frequently Asked Questions about our ConsignPro Social

Q:  Do you have a sample or case study I can check out?

A:  Yes, please see our example, The Missing Piece (Furniture Consignment Store in Tampa, Florida): Case Study, Facebook , Pinterest , Twitter , and Instagram

Q:  Is there a setup cost?

A:  No. Your social media plan will be integrated with your existing social media accounts without any setup fees.

Q:  Is there a contract term?

A:  Yes, because there are no setup fees, we ask for a 3 month minimum commitment upon signup.

Q:  Can I start with one plan an upgrade later?

A:  Yes! You can change plans at any time.

Q:  How is this billed?

A:  Your credit card will be automatically charged once per month.

Q:  How do I connect my social media accounts to your service? Do I need to provide my username and password?

A:  You do not need to provide your username and password, however you will need to log in through our portal and authorize access through a step by step process. Alternatively, you can provide us with your username(s) and password(s) and we will take care of everything for you.

Q:  Who signs up for my social media accounts if I don't already have them?

A:  We require all clients to sign up for their own social media accounts prior to plan activation, but we're happy to help!

Q:  How many items can I list?

A:  You can tag as many items as you would like to be posted to social media, however only newer unsold items with the highest priority (set by you in ConsignPro) will be posted in accordance with the plan you chose. For example, if you mark 15 items to be posted to social media this week, but your plan only allows for 5 posts, only the top 5 items will be posted to your social media accounts.

Q:  What type of items should I list?

A:  That depends on your sales strategy. Most clients list items that are either higher-end, not selling well, or sure to get some attention!

Q:  Can customers purchase right from my Facebook or Twitter feed?

A:  Facebook and Twitter do not offer ecommerce capabilities, but from any of the platforms potential customers will be able to click a link that brings them to that specific item's page of your online store website where they can then purchase the item.

Q:  How does this work with my existing store website?

A:  Potential customers will be linked to the specific item pages of your existing ConsignPro website from social media posts.

Q: How do I sign-up for this great new service?

A: Call (888) 721-9767 or place your order online on our secured order page - under Web Services.

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