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You tune-up your car, it runs better. You maintain your belongings, they last longer.  Why not tune-up your ConsignPro database file?  Doing so improves system performance, reduces database crashes, and gives you a better overall experience with your ConsignPro software investment.

Visual Horizons Software is now offering a new database tune-up service

With this service:

  • We upgrade your database file to Microsoft Access 2013.  This database structure is technically more robust and secure than previous versions of Access.
  • We run your database file thru our new database tune-up tool.  This tool ensures that the database tables are sorted correctly, the key structure is correct, and table relationships are in place.  If not, the tool corrects these vital definitions.
  • We re-index your database and compact it to optimize performance.
  • We can, at your request, also remove consignors or inventory records that you identify as old or not needed (ex. please remove any inventory dated before August 2003).
  • We include a report of the items that were corrected during tune-up.

How it works:

  • Schedule a convenient evening with us to do the tune-up via e-mail.
  • At the close of business, send us your ConsignPro database file.
  • While your database is being worked on, you can not use ConsignPro - except for look-ups.
  • We perform the tune-up on your database file.
  • We send your database file back to you, via e-mail, with instructions on how to re-install it.
  • We guarantee that you will have your database back within 4 business hours of our receipt so that you can install it and continue your work in ConsignPro.  You should schedule this, if possible, around the time you are closed or less busy to minimize system downtime.

How to get started:

  • Order the "ConsignPro database tune-up service" on our secured order webpage under Other Services.  The cost of this service is $69. 
  • We will send you an e-mail note and work with you to setup a mutually convenient tune-up timeframe.  You can specify any data removal criteria at that time.
  • At the agreed on time, you send us your database file.  We tune it and get it back to you ASAP.

We are confident that new service will improve your experience with ConsignPro!

*This upgrade may involve you running some utilities on your computer.  The utilities, if needed, are made available on our website. This service is not available for customers using Windows ME.

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