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Imagine a Team of Social Media experts working just for you!

Our new Social Add-On does exactly that. It pairs the best in technology with a team of marketing experts to make sure the items you select are promoted to their fullest across each of your compatible Social Media platforms! Linked to your new Online Store (included) your followers will not only be able to see your latest finds but buy them too!

How it works

You start by connecting your Social Media accounts to ConsignPro using our Online Portal. Next, you use the new "Promote Online" button within your ConsignPro software to build a great looking Online Listing. That listing automatically becomes part of your new Online Store and your favorite items are then shared with your followers (and others) with great looking, often boosted, posts. It really is that easy to build a following and grow your business!

Why you want It

Let's face it Social Media is hot and today everyone uses it - including your competitors. Why not let our expertise in this area drive new customers into your store and turn those followers into shoppers? Your great finds will be prominently displayed on your follower's mobile devices thru Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram "feeds" and those items will be linked back to your Online Store for easy purchase.

Outsource your Social

Most of our customers have multiple social media accounts and keeping those accounts current and engaging takes time and energy. Our Social Add-On (and included team of Social Media experts) handles that work for you. Simply list the item once in ConsignPro, take a great photo, and let us handle the rest. Your time is better spent engaging customers in your shop!

Increased Store Traffic

Not only will your Social Media accounts receive more traffic, but your store will as well. All of our plans include "SmartBoost" which will target the listed item to the local demographic most interested in it. You'll have new followers and new customers almost instantly!

A Real World Example

The Missing Piece Furniture Consignment Store in Tampa, Florida has been successfully using the ConsignPro Social Add-On with great results for many months now. They were our "proof of concept" (aka guinea pig) and the results were truly amazing. Checkout their results in our Case Study, and visit their Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

What it costs

The ConsignPro Social Media Add-on is available in four distinct pricing packages starting at only $24/wk - Facebook Only, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

With any social package, you will also receive the ConsignPro Remote Data Loader ($295 value) and the ConsignPro Online Store ($299/yr value) at no extra cost!

Up to 14 posts per week Up to 14 posts per week Up to 14 custom written posts per week Up to 21 custom written posts per week
Up to 3 items per day Up to 10 items per day All New Items Posted Daily
Up to 14 tweets per week Up to 14 custom written tweets per week Up to 21 custom written tweets per week
Up to 14 custom written posts per week Up to 21 custom written posts per week
7 items per week
ConsignPro SmartBoost Budget to Maximize Exposure Client Decides Budget Client Decides Budget Client Decides Budget
Professional Post Writing
Your Logo Watermarked on all Item Photos
Marketing Consulting
Full List of Daily Arrivals Posted Each Day with Photo-Collage
Monthly Custom Animated Ad
Additional Store Locations $10 per location $30 per location $60 per location $100 per location
Due to the setup involved, all Packages require a minimum 3 month committment.


  1. ConsignPro Software.
  2. A social media account (or accounts) to connect it to.
  3. A high-speed Internet connection at your store.

How do I sign-up

  1. Visit our secured order page and select the Social Media Plan you’d like to order under “Web Services".
  2. We will e-mail you instructions on how to configure ConsignPro to use our Online Store Builder and connect those items to your Social Media accounts.

More questions about our Social Add-On?  Visit our Social Add-On FAQ page!

Have questions about Online Stores? Visit our Online Store FAQ page!

We sincerely hope this new Social Add-On will benefit store owners for years to come!

Brian Wilson, CEO
Visual Horizons Software

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